Pregnancy Update: Nesting


Ever since I announced the pregnancy, people around me have been telling me to do this, buy that, check on this, get that, don’t buy this, don’t get that and all the blah blahs. And though I am excited about the pregnancy and the baby, I’ve been delaying the “baby preps”.

Some of the preggy moms I know has started their baby shopping as early as 3months. Pati preparation ng baby shower, pag renovate ng nursery and etc. Ako, waley! Ang problema ko eh kung anong outfit ko for the next day. And I’ve been cleaning out my closet almost every weekend trying to look for items in my closet that I could still wear. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Little Peanut and is so much giddy about her. But I honestly don’t feel the need to actually prepare. I was thinking, I’d get a couple of clothes, ask for some hand me downs from friends and relatives, clean my room and make a space for her and then I’m done.

But then, on the final leg of my 7th month, I felt it! I am NESTING.

NESTING is the uncontrollable urge of pregnant women to clean one's house brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for the new baby, to tie up loose ends of old projects and to organize your world. To prepare everything that the new baby needs.

Promise. I don’t know how it started or when. I just woke up one day and I feel like I really NEED to complete everything my baby needs. As in I was literally crying to the companion. I felt like ang kawawa ng anak ko kasi wala pa syang gamit. I was thinking, and dumi ng room. My closet is a mess. The baby doesn’t have her own drawer or her own bath tub! The Companion and I even fought over an airpot. I wanted to get the baby a new one because I think the one that we use at home is already “dirty”. Hahahahaha!

That’s also when I started googling for newborn baby must have’s and realized that the list is too long and I am so far behind. Sabi sa inyo minsan si Google masama din ang epekto nyan sa buhay eh.

A couple of weeks back, I am so sure that I got everything covered. I’ll buy a couple of everything she needs and I won’t over-buy. Everybody’s telling me not to go crazy over her newborn stuff because she’ll outgrow them in a week. So last November, I got her 3 pcs of sleeveless tie-sides, 3 pcs of pajamas, booties and mittens. Bonus kasi, tapos sale pa kaya sinabay ko na. Hahahaha!

But now, I am so focused on my list of Newborn Baby Must Haves. I realized that I need to have the room fixed because my stuff are just too much. I can’t  squeeze a teeny tiny baby. That I need an AC for my room because it turns into a Sauna every summer. And my due date is March! The heck.

I can’t believe that I’m like this. I always thought I’d be a “cool mom”. The one who never freaks out. But right now, I AM EFFIN’ FREAKIN’ OUT!! I am now doing my hospital bag checklist and the forms I need. I have been delaying the washing of the baby clothes because my room is not yet fixed.

And oh by the way, I think Mila’s also nesting. She just got me a new bed. Because the old one is too dirty na daw. And she’s super giddy on the room renovation. I think everyone’s just so excited for this lil’girl. We all can’t help but prepare for her arrival.



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