Pregnancy Update: 8th Month and Some Preggy Issues


I’m now on the 8th month of my pregnancy. I can’t believe how fast time flies. Konting kembot nalang, full term na ko then we’ll see the little peanut na!

The companion and I are so busy preparing for her arrival. Pero hindi naman ako na-inform na ang dami dami palang kelangan ng bata. And when I googled for a list of newborn baby must have’s, lalong sumakit ulo ko sa haba ng listahan! Syemay! But don’t worry guys, I will help you. I’m just finalizing my list and making sure that I didn’t miss anything important and then I’ll share them with you soon. I know how stressful it is.

Anyway, I am here to give you updates on the pregnancy. Allow me share with you what I’m going through and how I get by…



I know I look like I’m carrying a watermelon or a basketball ball. Well, it also feels that way. I am 4’10” and being small makes it extra difficult for me to move about. Loads are telling me that my tummy is extra big. Well, sorry to burst your bubble guys but its actually not that huge. It just so happen that I am teeny tiny. The height of my fundus and my baby’s size via ultrasound all says otherwise. Although I am trying to watch what I eat now. Everybody’s telling me to slow down on munching those sweets and fatty stuff so as not to make my little peanut fat and huge before the big day. Parang kasal lang, kelangan mag-diet. Kalurks!

Anyway, this heavy tummy makes my moving about extra difficult. I need The Companion’s help in getting off the bed, in climbing the stairs and sometimes even walking. Sabi ko nga, parang gusto ko ng mag backstroke from point A to point B.

I can’t seem to find a resolution for this issue except try to lift it up a little. And continue with my day to day life. I noticed that if I allow myself to be tamad the whole day, I find my tummy extra heavy the next day. Like everything else in this world, sanayan lang yan. I also try to shift position as much as possible. So as not to worsen my problem.


Yep. I now have flabby fingers and feet. Although I’m liking the new foot size. (I’m a 5! Yahoo!) And nope! I don’t have edema or manas. Well, not yet and hopefully never. But the hormones and the water retention sure does it’s wonder and made my fingers a little flabby and my foot 1-2 sizes bigger.

In order for me to avoid edema and have extra flabby fingers and feet, I try to manage my salt intake. Sabi nila, avoid salt daw. But I read on a book and some studies published online that lack of salt could also lead to manas. So you just have to watch what you eat I guess. Too much or too little, as always, is bad. And oh! I keep myself hydrated always. So water! Water! Water!


That is again one of the perks of being pregnant. Most of the time, I’d find myself gasping for air while lying in bed. According to the What To Expect book it is normal coz the bigger tummy is pushing the mommy’s lungs or whatever. So usually, I’d just try to find the perfect position for me. It’s getting alot more difficult lately but hey! That’s part of being a mom.


Well yes, I can feel the little peanut tickling my ribs in a not so funny way. I swear! It hurts. As in. My father told me to put a ribbon just below my boob so to avoid this and well, it works. Just don’t tie the ribbon too tight huh. Parang sakto lang dapat. Make sure you’re still comfortable.


I can’t sleep properly these past few days. Finding the perfect sleeping position is getting so hard. If I try to lie on my back, I can’t breath properly and I can really feel the “heaviness” of the tummy. I tried side-lying (right), but that feels like the baby is squeezing my other internal organs. Left side-lying position is supposed to be good for my internal organs but I guess the little peanut hates it coz she moves like there’s no tomorrow. Siguro naiinis kasi nadadaganan sya ng mga internalorgans. Hahahaha! Ayun! Gising padin ako. Try ko minsan kung effective ang patuwad. Hahahahaha! Anyway, the big bolster pillow that I bought months ago is a big help. Sabi sa inyo, good investment yun eh.


The heavy tummy is making my back ache like crazy. Not just the lower back but the upper back as well. :( They say a hot compress eases it but The Companion just won’t allow me. Ewan ko dun. Mainit daw. Eh kaya nga hot compress!!! Anyway, I just do the stretching exercises from What To Expect When Your Expecting. In fairness, it does help. And I also watch my posture. I also try to switch positions often. Promise! That tip is super duper helpful. If you’re seating for like 30minutes already, stand up and walk. I usually get water or have a bathroom break.


You really pee often on your third trimester. Worst than ever. In the morning or at work, it’s super okay for me coz I usually walk every 30minutes anyway. But at night, it’s dreadful! I mean, imagine me trying to look for the perfect sleeping position and then when I finally, finally find it and is lying comfortably in bed – I’d suddenly feel the need to get up and pee. Oh diba?! Stress Drilon! So here’s what I do – I drink loads of water in the morning. To keep myself hydrated nga diba?! Importante yun. But I limit my water intake at night. And I’d pee before going to bed. And I make sure I empty my bladder by slightly leaning forward. I swear it’s effective.


So far, those are the major discomforts I am having lately and the things I do to help ease it. Posting it to help other moms out there. I know how stressful it is to be preggers. Add those dozens of body pains and discomfort and it’s really not that much fun. You can say it’s all worth it of course, but we all need to find ways on how to get by. Eh sino pa ba naman ang magtutulungan kundi tayong mga buntis din diba? :)

And oh! If others keep on telling you that you have small/big tummy (no tummy size is perfect anyway), don’t fret or be bothered. Your OB will tell you if there’s anything wrong with your tummy size. Let others worry about your tummy size. Tutal, they don’t know what they are saying. Wag ng magpa-stress sa laki or liit ng iyong tyan. Just enjoy the baby bump and work it.

Please please please include me and the Little Peanut in your prayers okay? We are very much near the “big day” and I’m praying that everything’s gonna be okay for the both of us. :)

Will try to update as much as I can. But i won’t promise. I am so tamad lately. Hihi! Have an awesome week ahead!




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