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I don’t ride MRT’s. Coz all of my experiences in riding that train are not so great. Siksikan, ipitan, balyahan. I am a 4’10” girl so lugi ako.

But last Thursday, I braved the MRT with my sister. We’re going to Shangri-La Mall from Makati so an MRT ride is our best bet. We don’t wanna get stucked in EDSA and I don’t ride buses as well since the pregnancy. I was thinking, they should have a priority lane and a priority area for pregnant woman right? LRT1 and LRT2 both have it. I was able to ride both trains and they have designated area for elders, pregnant and those carrying a baby. May lubid pa on those area so they are really secured and the guards are very strict.

So naloka talaga ako sa experience ko last Thursday!!!

First, MRT Ayala station doesn’t have a priority lane for pregnant women, elderly and disabled. When I asked the guard, wala daw, and then a personnel just instructed me to go in front of a line in window 3. Tapos umalis without even assisting me! Tapos when I told the teller that I’m gonna buy a ticket, pinagsabihan pa ko – na I should’ve asked daw the person na sinisingitan ko! I was like, but they told me to just tell you that I’m gonna buy a ticket. At hindi naman ako basta sumingit. It’ll stiill up to her kung uunahin nya nga ako. She should have told the person next to me that she needs to accommodate me first eh kaso super taray nya!!! I apologized to the lady na “siningitan” ko daw and she understands maybe because she heard the guy told me na I should just inform the teller that I’ll buy a ticket. Grabe talaga the stress coz she’s insinuating na sumisingit ako when in reality, they should have a priority lane. I know that MRT EDSA station has one. Kasi way way back, I accidentally bought tickets there. Kasi maiksi ang pila. Yun pala pang pregnant women yun! Ahihihihi.. So mukha akong buntis nun kasi hindi ako sinita. Char!

After that, we went inside na to ride the train. I was already so pissed off by then. I asked the guard where the priority area is. I was directed to the very far end. I thhen saw the sign saying that the platform is for pregnant, elderly, person with disability and those with kids – kaso naloka ako ulit coz there are women lined up on the area. As in ladies. They already have an area for ladies but some ladies choose to line up on that platform. And the guards are so okay lang with that. I was shocked. Especially when I saw the way some girls would make siksikan on that area!! I was already thinking how I’ll squeeze my baby bump on the train??!! How??!!

Pero hindi lang yun! The lady in front of me is also pregnant. So andyan na ang train. She opted not to ride anymore because the space is not enough for her and the husband. Plus a lola made singit in front of her. She allowed the lola to ride instead. The girls on our back loudly say, “bakit hindi pa sumakay? May space pa?”. Then, “Hay naku! Buntis pala! Kaya naman pala. Bukas pa tayo makakasakay neto.”. In my head I was like “Hello? Buntis sya!”. But I opted not to talk anymore. Then finally, the lady in front of was able to ride the train already. After mga 3 trains siguro. But I can’t really blame her kasi there are 2 lines on our area and the ladies on the other line, inuunahan pa talaga si ate so kahit medyo maluwag pa yung train pagbukas wala na! Siniksik na nila si Ate, pano pa sasakay diba?

So it was my turn na. Another old lady made singit. I let her. She’s old. I’m pregnant. That made us on equal footing. Kaya lang, she’s really kinda old na. Mga 60’s siguro. And alone. I have sissy with me. So mas priority sya diba? Hello?!

Then again, those ladies at my back made parinig. She was saying na parang hindi na daw talaga sila makakuwi sa dami ng “matatandang sumisingit”. Nakakaloka diba??!!! Ako nga buntis, masakit na ang balakang kakatayo pero hindi ako nagreklamo kasi I know, like me, she should be prioritized as well. Then maya maya, it was announced that elderly and pregnant women should be prioritized. Siguro the personnel saw Lola and me in front of the line.

Then came the train, I let lola go first. Aba the ladies on the other line are making siksik! As in with balya pa kay lola. Hindi ko na kinaya!! Nanigaw na ko! With balya din for lola!!! Tapos sissy said “Diba paunahin nga daw ang matanda at buntis??!!” Tapos those parinig ladies said something pa. Parang galit daw ako or something. Sinigawan ko talaga sya. Sinabihan ko na ang kapal ng mukha nya!!! I was so galit na galit! Really. Not just for me but for lola also. I was the one who protected her pa. Katabi pa namin yung nangsiksik sa kanya. As in I was saying in loud voice how pathetic those girls are. Mga walang modo. Kakapal ng mukha na makipag unahan at makipag singitin when in fact they don’t belong there!! At hindi ko maintindihan why would someone do that? Makipagsiksikan sa matanda at buntis? Without even thinking that they really need to be prioritized. Sa jeep, if there oldies na sumasakay, naninigaw talaga ako ng driver pag umaandar agad. Coz hello?!! Matanda yun? Pano magba-balance? Grabe talaga! Some people are really pathetic.

And what upset me more is that the MRT people are not doing anything about it. I hope this blog would reach them. Coz honestly, what they are doing is not good. Allowing ladies to stay on the area designated for those with special needs. Nakakalungkot. Atleast ako, I know my rights and I would fight for that right. Pero my heart bleeds for the lola really. Kasi she’s just quite the entire time. Though I know that she’s really very thankful sa akin. She kept on smiling and gave my bump enough space. She’s really a nice lady and she doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment. Naku talaga those parinig girls.

I won’t ride the MRT anymore. Never. Again.



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