Staycation: The Peninsula Manila

Guy Friend: Aubs, may gagawin ka sa Saturday?
Me: Wala naman why?
Guy Friend: Tara checkin tayo sa Manila Pen!
Me: Huwaaaaww!!!

Had that conversation two months ago. Actually, the friend is just inviting me for a staycation at Manila Pen to celebrate his birthday. Wala eh! Poor lang yung friend ko. Manila Pen lang kinaya ng budget. Hay! I just said yes nalang din coz I’m a true friend. (READ: Excited na excited, nagpack agad ng gamit pag uwi.)

And so we spend one weekend of March on my favorite hotel… Because of the all the wonderful memories I have of the place.
Upon entering our suite we were greeted by this 3 layer of goodness. Some dried fruits, some chocolates and some fresh fruits. I love the dried fruits and of course the chocolates. I actually ate most of them. *_*
Our room has one huge bed and is good for two pax. I actually love the bed because its super relaxing. The firm mattress and the soft pillows is soooo inviting. I can live here all my life and never get tired of sleeping.
Our room also has a study table with cable internet for business travellers and the other side is where the chair and ottoman is. Please do not mind all the clutter. My friends dumped their things the moment we get in and I just did some ninja moves for ze blog. *efficient blogger here*

The study table actually serves as our dining table coz that’s where we put all the food for the birthday dinner. And none of us thought of bringing a laptop so I can’t really tell you if the cable internet is fast.
Our room also has a huge flat screen TV (R) that served its purpose coz we did videoke. Those drawers actually house the mini fridge, some basic utensils, cups and saucers, wine glasses and glasses, that’s also where you’d find the assorted tea bags, sugars, coffee and creamer packs. Basically it’s complete. Complimentary bottled water is also provided.

In the hallway, you’d find this little sofa (L). I would like to think it’s a sofa bed only because I can fit in it. And I think I can sleep comfortably. I wasn’t able to try it though. We put our bags in this area so no room for me to sleep.
Like any other hotel, they also got a phone and that (I don’t know what) machine. They also have a bible and some pen and papers ready.
On the hallway is where the huge walk in closet is - where you’d find hangers, an umbrella, a flashlight (that red thingy on the rightmost photo), shoe brush, some slippers, a safe and some laundry bags. Everything is well thought of actually. Must be because Manila Pen usually serves people on business trips so they really have to cover everything including shoe brushes.
And now let’s talk about my favorite part of our suite. The bathroom! Manila Pen actually took the term “Comfort Room” literally. As in comfort kung comfort ang comfort room. It’s very spacious with a huge mirror that serves as a sink and dresser in one.
On the huge dresser/sink, you’d find a jar of cotton balls, facial tissues, soap, lotion, shaving kit, comb, cotton buds, shower cap and glasses for brushing. You’d also find a hair dryer on one of the drawers. I love that the dresser is well lit and you even have the option to dim the light for a more romantic mood. Red heart
On the left side of the room, you’d find the shower area and the toilet. Both are with glass doors. I love that its separated and that it has enough privacy. Not too much because the glass doors are kinda see through. This is perfect for couples I think. :)
Inside the shower area you’d find shower gel, shampoo and conditioners. Bathrobes and loads of towels are also provided.
On the right side of the bathroom is where you’d find the bath tub. :) That’s me enjoying the bubble bath. *_* I had a nice warm bubble bath right before I sleep and it was heaven! Perfect staycation. Very relaxing.
My friends then decided to take an early morning dip in the pool the following morning but I’m not in the mood for swimming so I just went with them downstairs in my pajamas and read a book on one of the lounge chairs.
It was a perfect morning view. My friends having a great time swimming and taking loads of pictures as I sit under the huge umbrella reading a book and wearing my cartoon pajamas. Lovely morning indeed.
Since my friends are still enjoying the pool, I decided to avail the buffet breakfast after reading.

We we’re greeted by this nice painting and decors on the CafĂ©.
Manila Pen’s customer service is superb. They greet us with their loveliest smiles and ushered us to our seats after getting our room number.
Once seated comfortably, they ask us what we want for drinks and then serve them to us.
I actually felt kinda out of place coz I’m surrounded by men in their suits while I donned my pajamas and bare face and Ipanemas and cardigans.  Ako na talaga nagpalakad lakad sa buong Manila Pen ng naka-pajama na red with cartoon characters. @_@
I wasn’t able to take decent photos of the buffet and the food choices because I came in late and there are loads of diners already. :-S Although Manila Pen sure have a wide array of food to choose from.

They got pancakes, breads, rice, bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs. I didn’t notice if they got an omelet chef but I sure love that their pancakes are freshly cooked.

They also have cold cuts and cheese. They even have taho. I wasn’t able to see if they got other viands because the sausage and bacon and pancakes are more than enough for me.

I noticed the cereal station on one area and the drinks station. Of course they got fresh fruits and yogurt for the healthy eaters.
The food is so-so. What I love most is their taho. The others are just typical hotel food. Not bland but not special as well.
Overall, my stay at The Peninsula is one hell of a fun. Primarily because I’m with friends who knows how to have fun but also because The Peninsula sure have more than enough amenities and extremely good customer service that ensures a happy, relaxed and comfortable stay.




  1. Fun! Super nice ng amenities ng Manila Pen, I haven't tried their buffet pero I super love their main lobby...winner!

  2. reigningstillMay 19, 2013

    Agree. Excellent amenities and great customer service. Lahat talaga kumpleto. :) But the price!!! Ang mahal! That small room of ours is like 10K!!! Kalurks!

  3. Christine Joie RelevanteMay 19, 2013

    ang ganda aubrey! Gusto ko ung comfort/rest room :p bwaha.. wagi yan! sosyal much

  4. reigningstillMay 20, 2013

    Ganda diba? :) Actually yun ang major lamang nya sa Ace Hotel. Yung comfort room na gusto kong tulugan! :) @_@ Kaso mahalia fuentes!!!

  5. Oh and I can see my office from your background! Isang kembot lang ang office ko from Manila Pen. :)

  6. Ooh this is one hotel we haven't tried staying at. Looks cozy and nice!

  7. Haha, comfort kung comfort ang comfort room :p I love staycations and posts with lots of photos :) Hehe...thanks for sharing!

  8. My brother also won an overnight stay at Manila Pen before and we enjoyed every minute of our stay there! :)

  9. I haven't entered this hotel yet, enter lang at mukhang mahal magstay. :) The room looks big. :)

  10. I haven't been to Manila Pen in a long, long time! I've also only been there for parties and events but have never tried staying there talaga. Good to know you had a great time there.

  11. I LOVE Manila Pen, too... The last time we stayed there was like ages ago! I hope to get back there soon... :) Great photos!

  12. Manila Peninsula is really one of the best hotels in the PH. I love how they make their guests feel like royalty!


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