Patapat Viaduct (Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte)

Another famous tourist attraction in Ilocos is the Patapat Viaduct in Pagudpud. We we’re advised to go visit the place at sunset where it’s at its most beautiful.

If I’m not mistaken, this long bridge connects Ilocos to Cagayan. Which is super cool. Didn’t realize we’re that waaaayy up North.

The view from the bridge is gorgeous. I could totally understand why it’s considered a tourist spot. It’s a nice location for photo ops with the old-looking bridge and the mountains and sea as your background. Perfection!

The bridge also has this man-made falls that is another famous location for pictures. And if I may add, tourist are so fond of doing planking at the center of the road which is weird but kinda fun I guess if you’re with friends. Since the bridge is one busy road. You have to do patintero with the vehicles just to capture a few planking photos. Profile pic!!!

Another must visit spot in Ilocos. Why not? It’s free anyway! :)
And I just noticed that we didn’t have jump shots in this place. We must be exhausted by the time we got there. Nyayaya! @_@ Wala ng energy for jumpshots. Kaya wacky shots nalang! Tinatamad na wacky shots that is.
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