Kapurpurawan Rock Formations (Burgos, Ilocos Norte)

Those rocks behind me are the culprit of our crazy Batanggas-Ilocos Trip. My boss Paolo saw the Kapurpurawan Rock Formations on a magazine/newspaper in the office and organized a trip to Ilocos right away.

Can’t blame him though! Look at the gorgeous white rock formations! Aren’t they a sight to behold? They said that those rock formations are created by the forces of the ocean on that part of Burgos, Ilocos Norte and it’s so awesome!

We went there right after we visited Cape Bojeador as they are on the same town. :) Actually, we used our GPS to see the closest tourist spots in the area and voila! Told you! We love technology so much!!! He saved a whole lot of our trips.

Plus Ilocos has signage everywhere. I guess there are loads of road trippers visiting the area like us. :) And its such a big help to tourists.

Going to the grand rock formation is no easy breezy. See the long winding down path on the upper left photo? You have to walk into those paths and then walk some more on the grassy, wide lawn in order to come near the white rock. But all those long walks are are more than worth it!

We even have to cross some waters to pose as close to the white rock as possible! And the silly me wore my slip ons instead of the slippers but I guess that’s just okay since the slip ons protects my feet from the rough rocks!

Gelo and I as we cross the water to get to the nearest spot where we could pose. We went there last May 2012 and lucky us because they said that they put a cord on the white rock formation already. You can’t climb them anymore. They put a cord on it to protect the gorgeous tourist spot. And I’m so glad they did. You know some people, they’d vandalize it and ruin the majestic beauty!

Finally, a little closer to the rock formation. We wanted to go on the lower part of the white rock but it’s difficult. The water and the rough rocks are making it impossible for us to get closer. But I think those rocks where I stood is just the perfect spot to capture the entire beauty of the rock formation as my backdrop.

Can you spot Ad on the above photo?? That’s him enjoying Ilocos to the fullest! Hello Ad! If you’re reading this, you look like a kid in that photo!!

We really camwhore on this place. Each and everyone of us posed our hearts out. Taught them how to pose like a pro and I guess Kalli won the award for being the best student coz she was able to come up with an FHM worthy pose…

Oh ha!!! She’s so much sexier now so wait for her more daring photo shoot in CDO!!!

Hello Super Paolo!! That’s the man behind this trip and his reason for visiting Ilocos. I think he really loved what he’s seeing coz he posed like crazy as well. Yan ang mamang adik sa bato bato palibhasa bato bato ang abs! Nakakaloka!!! Hihihihihi…But seriously, if ever you’re reading this, thank you for organizing our Ilocos adventure and thank you for being our driver!! You’re the best!

I just have post the alampay photos of Gelo! That alampay became his bestfriend on the entire trip. That’s his alampay photoshoot. FHM worthy as well, if only he’s wearing a bikini!

And also his white castle whiskey moment. I have to document it and publish it for public consumption! Hahahahaha! Anyway, you can rent those white horses so you ride them on the way back to the car. Told you it’s a long walk and kinda steep so effort and pagbalik. Some tourist prefer to ride the horses instead of walking. I’m not sure how much a horse ride cost pero si Gelo lang naglakas loob sa amin. Nilakad ko nalang bilang takot ako sa kabayo!

Here’s another spot to pose! We climbed loads of rocks just to take loads of pictures. Ibang level ang kaadikan namin!

If ever you plan to visit Ilocos, make sure you drop by Kapurpurawan Rock Formations coz its sooooo worth it!! You don’t have to pay anything for the entrance fee. I also suggest you bring bottled water with you coz it’s a long walk and you don’t want to be dehydrated especially if its scorching hot. But there are vendors on the area anyway just incase you run out but they are a bit pricey.

I also suggest you put a good amount of sunblock coz the areas too sunny and you can’t find a decent shade. I also brought my umbrella when we went there for extra dose of protection.

See the rest of my Ilocos adventure here.

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