We’ll Party Coz It’s Mah Birthday! :)


Me and Boi showing some lovin’.

Yay! @_@ Happy Birthday to me!!

Thank you to all those who greeted me and would greet me later! (Paparinig?!)

I have been blessed beyond words. And today marks my countdown to the big 3!

Another year older, another year wiser. Another year worth of experience, pains, trials, happiness and success. I know my life aint perfect but who cares? I am loved. I have a family, my friends, I have a job I truly value and I have this blog that serves as my happy little corner. What else could I ask for?

To say that I have lived a meaningful life would be OA but I know I have at least contributed on making this world a better place by doing those crazy little things that I do.

I still have a lot of dreams and I still need to tick off a couple of things on my TO DO list but I’m getting there. :) I was never the type who rush things out. I live my life to the fullest each and every day. I live for today. Never yesterday, not really for tomorrow.

I just want to start this day with sooooo much gratitude and appreciation. It’s not my birthday everyday but I promise to make everyday count. :)

Thank you to the Big Man up there!!!! I don’t know what I did right to deserve this much love. You the best Dude!!! And I love you back!!! *_*



The Birthday Girl


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