Kwebang Lampas (Padre Burgos, Quezon)


The second island we visited (right after Borawan Island) during our Quezon adventure was Kwebang Lampas. It a more bigger island with a cave as it’s main attraction. This is where we had lunch (ate our packed lunch) as we rest under the trees. This is also where we spent most of the day.


Kwebang Lampas is nice island with white sand and very clear waters. Perfect for swimming. Plus the trees serves as free sanctuary. No need to rent for a kubo. Tipid mode! And like most of the islands in Quezon, you can camp here as well. But we prefer to just lay our sarongs and use it as picnic mat as we savor the beauty of the beach.


What I love most though is the cave. It has crystal clear waters. My friends enjoyed snorkeling in this area as well because according to them there are loads of fishes on the other part of the cave (that part where I didn’t go because I don’t know how to swim and I can’t risk my life).


Buwis buhay nga lang ang pagpunta sa cave dahil mabato. And knowing me, I am so lampa! So malaking risk na sa buhay ko ang paglalakad sa mabatong dagat. :) But it all pays off. The beauty of the cave is breath taking. I just sit on the cave and just enjoyed the view. The sea, the waves. I feel so relaxed and one with nature. It’s worth it!

Here are some more photos of the island. Hind obvious na sya favorite ko! :) Cam whoring to death!!!


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