Dampalitan Island (Padre Burgos, Quezon)

It was late in the afternoon when we left Kwebang Lampas and head straight to Dampalitan Island. And because its already almost sunset, it was low tide when we arrived there. Our boatman had a difficult time but I am so glad they did try. Dampalitan in the afternoon is VERY beautiful.
I think the best pictures of my Quezon trip was taken here. The sunset was gorgeous. The lumot are adding drama to my pictures and to the place in general. Add the greens and the white beach and the sunset and everything seemed picture perfect. We have loads of photo enthusiasts on our group and they are all snapping away like cuh-razy.
And because of the gorgeous backdrop, we even did a minor photo shoot. Yay! Playing with the scarf while on the beach is picture perfect. And it was fun! :) I think I’ll do this more often. Alampay drama on the beach! One for the books!
You also need to pay Php50 as entrance fee to the island. There are more campers here than the first two islands we visited. Must be because it was already late. And I think if I’ll ever do camping, I’d also choose this island. Lakas maka-survivor ng peg eh! @_@
Quezon is really a great place. I just can’t wait to come back.

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  1. Marie_McGrathApril 19, 2013

    Waaaaaaoooo, these photos are stunning!!! I wish I was there right now! Glad to see you having such a nice time :)


  2. reigningstillApril 20, 2013

    Hi Marie! Thanks for dropping by. :)


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