The Road to Baler, Aurora


The road to Baler, Aurora is definitely a rough one! We left Manila at the crack of dawn and was on the road for about 8hrs. You’ll see above what our car looked like after our overnight trip! It definitely needs some washing, or well, LOADS of washing.

We rely mostly on good’ol GPS on our Android, Blackberry and iPhone devices. Thank God for technology! >:) As you can see, we crossed rivers, bridges, mountains, rough roads and a lot of other things. It was a little scary actually. We even passed by a very foggy mountain range. As in zero visibility! Katakot!!! Hahahaha.. But our drivers are pretty good so no worries.


We took different routes going to Baler and leaving Baler. Going back to Manila we took the Bongabon Route which turned out very difficult because of the very steep and extremely narrow road. Parang kahit tricycle hindi keri dun! :) We were all up and about the entire journey. Ayoko kasing masawi ng tulog. Hahahaha! Kidding! :) It was actually the route that most adventure lovers took. It was the shorter route but definitely more difficult (refer to the second set of photos). But our driver is a good one, so we’re not really worried.

Going to Baler though, we took the longer and safer route – the Pantabangan Route. The one that makes us pass through the Sierra Madre mountains where we experience that extremely foggy drive. This is the route I’d recommend if your driving to Baler. It may be longer but definitely safer!

Use your GPS! It’s very very helpful. :)


The drive to and from Baler may be extremely long and tiring but its definitely worth it! :) Look at those photos!!! Nasa sasakyan ka palang ang ganda na ng view! Picture worthy na!!!! The greens, the clouds, the fogs, the trees and the rivers and the bridges are all so so so so great. I am so proud that I live in a country with such beauty. It makes me want to explore the north much more.


Long drives are fun especially if you’re with friends! You can do so much while on the road. You can talk about a lot of things. Get to know them well. You can even play games. It’s also advisable that you’ll have at least 2 friends who can drive. Para relyebo sila. We are so lucky that we have friends who love to drive. They don’t mind driving as long as we keep them entertained. Our car is full of laughter the entire 2 days that we are together. And I am so glad that I got to experience such things.





  1. Madami bang rough roads to and from? :)

  2. reigningstillMarch 06, 2013

    Hi Jigs! If u take the pantabangan road less rough sya but if you leave early medyo foggy sa Sierra Madre. But the bongabon route is really rough!! Shorter though.

  3. Hi, Reigne, this is a helpful site. Thanks for the photos. Kakayanin ba ng sedan vehicle (1.3) ang rough roads ng Pantabangan?

  4. reigningstillMarch 25, 2013

    I'm not really good with cars. :) But accdg. to my good friend who drives us to Baler, kaya naman daw ng Sedan basta wag mag overload. And you'd probably experience a couple of "pagsayad" especially sa mga humps. Plus nung nagpunta kami dun last year madaming ginagawa. Hopefully ngayon okay na sya at mas smooth na ang byahe. Enjoy baler bng! :) And enjoy surfing!!! :)

  5. reigningstillMarch 25, 2013

    And oh! Click on the Baler tag at the bottom of my post for all my Baler adventures. :) Glad you liked my site and thanks for dropping by!


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