Hello There 2012!

I know it’s been ages since my last post and I’m so sorry! :-) I’ve been convincing myself to blog for the past days but I guess I’m having that seasonal writer’s block. #feelingera
I guess I’m just lazy like that.
Anyway, let me start 2012 with good vibes. Just pure Good Vibes! And I would like to reserve my first ever blog for 2012 with lots of Thank You’s!!
1.     Of course, the biggest THANK YOU ever goes to the Big Guy Up There. Who showers me with so much blessings I lost count already. I tried to end 2011 by giving back all those love and blessings to the people in need thru my own little way as a big thank you to Him. A friend told me she finds me nice and all because I really went out of my way and really exerted extra effort to help in every way possible but I told him I am just giving back all the blessings I received this year. I honestly think that Christmas means loving and sharing and giving. And I guess my new year’s resolution (if I ever have one) would be to make everyday of 2012 Christmas day! Yey! So to you Big Guy… THANK YOU again. Simply for every single thing. And I may not show it at times, but I love you and I am keeping my faith on you.
2.     To the FAMILY who’s always been there for me. Alright! Alright! Maybe I don’t have that normal family that most have.. But I guess God knew me well enough for He gave me the craziest family ever! I have a Father who shouts at everything and everyone but never fails to provide for us. His job is so difficult but he’s doing it because he love us unconditionally. I have an extremely craaazzzyyy Mother. Everyone who knew me would definitely know Mila because she always have those funny antics that brought tears to my friend’s eyes (due to extreme laughing). She is just plain crazy. Period. But she never fails to take care of us. She’s just supportive to the point that she’s willing bring fruit salad in a styrofoam cooler (even if it makes her look like an Ice Candy vendor) just so my officemates and I can have something for dessert on our year-end party and until now, she’ll hug me to sleep if I’m sick. I have a sister who loves me and adores me. Na sumusundo sakin gabi-gabi nung wala pa syang trabaho. A sister who’s always been my friend and my kakampi at all times. I have brother who… well, who asks money all the time and asks me to buy him stuffs and stuffs but I just love him like that. And I’m sure he loves me too. And I have a baby brother who serves as my lucky charm. The one person who could bring me unconditional joy by simply smiling at me. :-) Plus! I have cousins and uncles and aunts and nieces and nephews who love and respect me. I know they’ll move heaven and earth if anybody ever hurt me. I feel so secure when they’re around. And I am thankful for them.
3.     To G.p and her entire family. I have someone who loves me unconditionally. She may be a big pain in my $*% at times and uber hot-headed and uber selosa and stuffs but I guess that’s part of the bargain. That one person who loves me for who I am. Even if I haven’t taken a bath or brushed my teeth or even if I smelled and even if I again act like a dragon breathing fire on her or even if I have topak. Thank you baby sa mga food trip, restaurant hopping, movie trips sa iMax, sa pagtututo sakin ng pagiging maarte sa sinehan (now gusto ko na din ng comfy seats, bigger screens, no ulo on the front, etc), our 3D movie trips, DVD marathons, TV series marathons, sa pagiging Star addict na namana ko na sayo, for being my buddy on most of the 1sts I ever had this year, for all our out of town escapades, for being with me in Cebu and Bohol, for buying my netbook (yey!), for supporting me sa aking blogging and lahat ng kaartehan, sa pagiging main contributor ng aking katabaan, for being my fashion consultant and detractor, for joining me in the Twitterverse, for introducing all the Mission Impossibles to me, for giving me Starbucks planner two years in a row, for all those massage kahit I know you’re very tamad, for loving my family, for accepting all my mistakes, for being there when I’m sick and lonely and alone and tired, sa lahat lahat na hindi ko na ma-mention dahil humahaba na to. Add the fact that her entire family just love me and accepts me and treats me like a part of them. I never felt like an outsider when I’m with them. It’s great to have an extended family of some sorts and I love each and everyone of them to bits. See? I am soo blessed. Thank you soooo much!
4.     To my best friends ever. Jerellt who recently got married pero parang wala namang nagbago. My number 1 critic and my number 1 fan. That one person na never akong kinampihan sa lahat unless manlalait kami ng kung sino but feels my pains and my heartaches and my sentiments anyway. Erlie who I thought would finally have a lovelife but I guess not. I seldom see her or talk to her or whatever but knowing she’s just there is enough for me to feel secure. Knowing I will never be alone. And my HighSchool Barkada (MA3E) who I seldom see also but love me still. Sometimes its like that. You don’t need to see each other to know that the love is still there. You would know because they never forget to invite you on important occasions or greet you or comment on your Facebook page or send you a random message. Marie even helped my sister get a job. And even if I’m the official indianera, they love me still. See? That is unconditional love! And most of all you feel and you know that they love you still. Aaawww
5.     To the Mates (my office friends). The people I see everyday. The people I spend most of my time with. May it be work-related or fun-related stuffs. I am just glad I have them. We share the same values and trips and we have the same definition of fun. Remember my blog entry here? I am referring to them. I can’t be any more than thankful that I’ve got friends like them. They are with me on most of my charity-related stuffs and I know they are doing it because they want to really help. Why am I saying this? Because I want to remember it! And I want you guys to know that helping doesn’t need to be grand. Honestly, most of us just contributed our time and efforts and a very little money. But I know it helped a lot and it feels great. Because I am with my friends while doing all of it. And we all had fun doing it. Oh and before I forgot! I would like to thank you guys for all our videoke nights na walang alak, overnights, team buildings, KFC food trips, McDo food trips, Bon Chon foodtrips, lahat ng food trips actually, sa mga Surprise! na hindi naman surprise, sa paminsan minsan na inuman, overstaying at the office, lunch time games, movie dates, paunahan sa pag-register sa movie nights, usapan sa Chat Group, Joy Rides, all the laughs and the love! Thank you for making my year awesome. I’m just glad we’re friends! aaawww… (Weh! Nag effort pa ko eh hindii nyo naman binabasa blog ko!)
6.     To everyone who love me. My friends from way back like old officemates, team mates, high school classmates, college batchmates, my officemates and my boss, my fellow morning rushers and my favorite DJs, my blog readers who also happens to be my friends, my twitter followers (all 140++ of them), my ex’s whom I’m friends with, my neighbors, my travel buddies, EVERYONE who contributed to my great 2011! :-)
I know it’s kinda long and you’re probably bored to death by now but whatever! :-) I am just very much thankful, that’s all! It has been a great year for me. Oh how time flies. My 2010 didn’t end great with all the loss we’ve had and 2011 haven’t been a walk in the clouds but we managed! We’re all here alive and kicking and for me that’s all that matters. As I say goodbye to 2011, I made sure I take note of all the lessons learned so I’d carry it with me as I fight another round of battle this 2012.
I wasn’t able to keep that everyday blogging I promised on the 1st day of December. It’s difficult actually. But I hope I’d be able to blog more often this 2012 and I hope to gain more readers. :-)
Happy New Year everyone! Lots of love from Me!!!


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