My 1st Cinema Experience

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
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Hello everybody! *wave*wave*

How are you? Nanay says I’m tiring her so much. I don’t understand why. I just want to walk and walk now. I don’t want her to carry me anymore. So it should be better. I don’t know why it’s more tiring to run after me than carry me. Hihihi..

Today, I will share my first cinema experience. Tatay, Nanay & I went to Greenbelt last March to watch Cinderella. I love it there!

Big telly!!! There’s a big telly!! I love the big television so much. And they gave me a booster seat so I could sit comfortably. I love it too. Look at my picture. That’s me telling Tatay that there’s a giant telly. Yay!

I love the movie. They are singing and dancing and there are lots of colors. They have beautiful gowns and there are animals. It’s so much fun. I am very good inside the cinema. I was just laughing and laughing and laughing. And eating too! Nanay allowed me to eat potato fries. Just a little. But I wish she gave me a lot. :(

Nanay said that I was given my own seat because they paid a full amount for me. Not free. Even if I’m the cutest baby in Greenbelt 3 and even if I waved and gave ate a flying kiss. She still made me pay in full.

That’s me waiting outside. Nanay made me crawl because I want to crawl. She cleaned me up after, of course.

Nanay said we will watch again soon. II f there’s a new child-friendly movie. She’s waiting for Beauty & The Beast. I’m waiting for Frozen. But for sure, I will tell you everything about it here on the blog.

Till my next post. Babay!!

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