Baby Food Recipe: Apple/Pear Puree

Thursday, October 02, 2014
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Another great food to introduce to the baby is APPLE or PEAR. It’s nutritious, yummy and easy to prepare. Both has natural sweetness that’s very appealing to the baby.

I suggest you pick a good, ripe apple or pear that is a little crunchy and is juicy in order for the baby to enjoy it much. I love Apple Puree because it is perfect to be combined with veggies like carrot, that’s for later of course after both has been introduced individually for 3-4days to rule out allergies. While pear can be combined with oats or carrot as well.

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Recommended Age:

6 months and up


What You Need:

1 pc medium sized Apple or Pear
Baby Bullet with Baby Blend Blade or any blender/food processor


How To Prepare:

1. Peel the apple/pear and remove the core, then cut it into cubes.
2. Boil or steam the apple/pear cubes until tender or soft. Best is use fork in checking if the apple/pear is soft enough. Use distilled water in boiling/steaming the apple/pear.
3. Puree the apple/pear using the baby bullet or food processor until smooth. Add the apple/pear broth unto the blended apple/pear to reach the desired consistency.


When I first offered it to the #FabSkye, I made a runny puree so she could easily swallow it. And then later, I made thicker puree using the pulse method on the baby bullet to create a chunkier version of this puree.

A medium sized apple/pear is equivalent to 4-6 baby bullet servings depending on the consistency. Although now, she prefers her apple doughnut more -  I promise to share with you guys how to do it, soon.

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