Paano ba maglaba?

When we moved to our rented place, one of the major changes we did was how we wash our clothes. We used to send them over to the laundry shop but we realized that it’s no longer convenient plus it’s hella expensive!

So my husband gifted me with a washing machine.

I had difficulty using it at first kasi mabaho ang laba ko! Like kadiri levels. Hahahaha! But I was able to find the right settings and proper way to wash our clothes which I shared on my vlog.

In summary here are my tips in using your automatic washing machine para sa labang labadami at labango!

1. Segregate your labada. Not whites and colours but according to fabric type and gaano kadumi ang damit. All cottons should be together. All towels should be together. Wash your husband’s basketball clothes separately!! Ganun dapat! Wag halo halong kalamay mga beshie!
2. Only put half capacity on your washing machine. Wag mo punuin beshie! Di to paramihan. Make sure that you only put half amount of clothes on it so the washing machine would be able to wash them properly.
3. I use Ariel liquid detergent. For me, this is the best one for washing machine. Try to use detergents made specifically for automatic washing machine.
4. Rinse your clothes before washing.
5. Pre-wash and rinse.
6. Wash with enough soap and bleach and then rinse 3 times before drying.
7. If it’s possible, paarawan ang mga damit. Kung di keri (gaya ko), just make sure that you hang it properly on a space when it could be air-dried.
8. Try different settings, different soap, different combination of wash and rinse! Kaya mo yan baksh!

There you go! I hope I was able to help you. If you haven’t yet, please SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL and like our videos! Promise we would upload more content. See you there!


  1. Nice gift, masusulit sa pagka-useful! Sa totoo lang, pinaka-hate ko na chore ang paglalaba. Swerte lang na ang napangasawa ko, enjoy sya sa paglalaba (using a washing machine also!). Sisiw lang sa kanya. Basta ako ang tagatiklop kasi di sya marunong nun. Haha. Division of labor. Everybody happy. ;)

    P.S. We swear by Ariel liquid detergent, too. :)

    1. I can't tiklop naman.. Like ko magtiklop but it triggers my allergic rhinitis. :( So no nalang! Tita ko naman taga tiklop. Hehehe!


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