Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 with S-pen (2019) for Students

Last year, before going back to work from my maternity leave, and because I know I’ll have to attend more meetings and be extra busy, I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 with S-pen.

I think the device is perfect for me because I want to be able to write during meetings. Plus I usually need to draw diagrams during discussions and my tab would always come in handy.

I prefer writing over typing. And for those of you who are really note-takers would understand. But I would always lose my paper notes so this tab is really perfect. I use OneNote and it syncs to my laptop easily too.

But during the latter part of this school year, when ECQ was first implemented, my daughter’s teachers would usually send worksheets and PPT presentations for her to work on. I used to print them and have the #FabSkye answer and then take a picture and then send to her teachers. But I realized that the Tab’s feature of being able to annotate PDFs make my life easy!

So now, my daughter use it as her primary gadget.

If you ask me, this is probably one of the BEST DEVICE to give your child this school year. And if you are thinking of getting them one, I suggest you read on.

Why do we love it?

1. It is cheap. The tablet only cost around 16,000Php. For a 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM (expandable), Octacore Processor and IP68 rating plus the S-pen - it is a steal!

2. Expandable memory and LTE support. I love that we could add a memory card to the tab where we would usually save all of the #FabSkye’s PPT and worksheets. Making it easier to manage her files virtually. I also like the LTE support because it is easier to just load it up in case we have internet issues at home.

3. It is portable. The 8.0 inches screen size is perfect for my 6 year old. She used to own my old iPad Air which is HUGE that she would always end up not using it. But this one, she likes to carry it around. It is easier to make her review the PPTs sent by her teachers even while she’s propped on the sofa. And because it has a sim card, I know I could always contact her because bitbit nya talaga lagi to eh.

4. S-pen! This is really the main selling point of the gadget for me. It is so easy to write on the PDF worksheets sent by her teachers directly on the tab. No need to download, print, scan (or in my case take a picture), and send. Now all we do is download and send. She also use the S-pen for drawings. This ECQ, I realized that my daughter is also good at drawing. She usually use the S-pen to do some doodles and coloring on the coloring book app that comes with the tablet.

My daughter loves this device. We only have educational stuff installed in it plus Tiktok (because she wants to be Tiktok-famous haha!) and that Ryan game she loves. It is also easy to monitor her tablet use because there is a Kid’s profile on the tab which you can setup.

I bought it for myself but it ended up being perfect for my distance learning student.

I know that in these times medyo mahirap maghanap ng gadget perfect for our kids. While of course a laptop would’ve been more preferable, this device I think is much more practical and easier to use. I mean, she could do the meetings here as well as answer the worksheets right on one gadget. No need to buy a printer! Even PPTs could be loaded there and Brightspace also works well. So this is really an all-in-one gadget.

How about you mumsh? What are your kids using?     


  1. I got this tablet yesterday with Andoid 10 out of the box. I like the display and the wifi connection is really good also the lte is quite fast! For the price of 14k it is really a good deal for me since I used this as backup for my Ipad Pro!

    1. Yes, this is really nice. Good deal considering the price. Also very sturdy. My daughter is using it now and perfect for her.


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