Avon Body Illusion For My Mum Bod

Those of you who's been with me since forever would probably remember my "fashion blogger days". Yep, this blog used to be a fashion blog before I morphed into the mum I am now.

Noon pa man, I've always been a believer of the importance of a good underwear. Kasama yan sa rules of fashion. Iba nga lang ang priorities ko noon. I used to buy really nice push up bras in all wild colors. I tried using the cheap ones with super thick pads but the underwires are really super painful so bumabalik padin talaga ako to my ultimate favorite intimate apparel brand - Avon.

Sino ba ang hindi batang Avon sa atin? For sure your mums also have their own favorite Avon lady. O kaya, pwedeng your mum is The Avon Lady of the town. I remember my first bra is Avon too.

Now that I am a mum - older, wiser and with breasts that are so tender because of breastfeeding, the qualities I am looking for in an underwear has changed.

Comfort. That's on the top of my list now. If before, hindi ako nabubuhay ng walang underwire (Hello? Cleavage and pushed up breast is a must with my outfits.), now I prefer those without underwires. Underwear na parang wala lang. Non constricting. Easy move about. Tipong makakalimutan mo that you are actually wearing them.

If I used to love colorful bras in the wildest prints, now I am drawn towards skin tone or white or black. Plain colored underwears are nice. I also love seamless materials. Di ko na kasi pinapakita ang bra ko ngayon. Ang goal if you're already in your 30's eh yung tipong walang bakat ng bra strap or panty lines.

Support. Another thing that is very important for me. My babies have been thru so much. They have nourished my 2 children. And so they deserve the best support. Also, my puson deserved a great support. Especially since I'm a CS mumma too.

Buti nalang, all of those qualities I found on Avon's Body Illusion line with invisilite technology.

I swear mumshies!!! They. Are. The. Best.

You'd literally forget that you are wearing underwear. Ganun sya ka comfy. But at the same time, the support is really perfect even for breastfeeding mums like me.

What I got here is the SONIA Non-Wire Seamless Pull-on Bra (899Php) and Panty (299Php) and I swear they are the best thing that ever happened to under garments.

Made with ultra soft fabric that hugs your body, they are super easy to wear. The invisilite technology helped make them seamless, effortless and comfortable.

I love the moulded cups. They give my breasts a nice form so even if I am wearing a light tee, hindi panget tingnan. I mean, aminin nyo. If you are wearing those plain white tees in super light fabric and you are wearing not so nice bras, diba ang panget? But with Avon Body Illusions, nice padin ang form ng breasts ko kahit na breastfeeding ako. The nice soft and smooth material also blends well with my maninipis na t-shirts.

The panties are also adorbs. As mentioned above, they are perfect for my puson and does not give my now big hips and pwet those unwanted panty lines. Mej issue ko sya these days because if I wear normal cotton panties, bumabakat talaga since I have bigger hips and pwet now. But with Avon Body Illusion panties, walang bakat. Plus maganda ang support sa aking puson. Love ko sya especially now that I am still recovering from my c-section operation. Laking ginhawa.

Avon Body Illusion is really perfect for my mum bod. Yes, I no longer have my old slim body with my perky breasts and nice hips but with Avon Body Illusions, I still feel sexy as ever. Actually, I feel sexier now. Now that I am more aware of my body and has accepted it together with the flaws. I also think it's because my body loves me more now that I am taking care of them properly by wearing only the comfiest underwear.

Aside from the Sonia (which I love), Avon Body Illusion also has CHARLENE Underwire Seamless Bra (899Php) and Panty (299Php). It is a ¾ cup bra in eyeglass silhouette with ultra soft foam cups. Laser-cut edges leave no marks, and won’t show through tight clothing. They are the underwired version. Again, I no longer prefer underwires but I know a lot who still do. So I think this is gonna perfect for them. Since it also uses the invisilite technology, I am sure it also provides the same level of comfort and support as my favorite Sonia.

How about you mumshies? Anong underwear ang talagang love na love nyo?


  1. Avon fan din ako...siyempre dahil kay Mame, sya nag-introduce sakin dyan, hahaha. Mahanap nga yang new underwear ng Avon sa kanyang Avon lady! :)

    1. Ganda ng Avon Body Illusion. Ang sarap suotin.


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