The #FabSkye at AIS

Last May, I've talked about the start of our big school journey when she started attending a Summer Academic Camp at our school of choice.

That summer camp went extremely well and we are very happy with the results. She learned loads during her 1 month stint and I'm very happy with the teachers and the guards and the overall feel of the school. So I didn't hesitate to enroll her this school year.

As early as May, we've already fully paid her tuition fees (kasi may malaking discount ang early bird at full payment) and they started their classes last August.

So far, everything are super okay. I love that my daughter is learning a lot. Just today, I learned that she could count up to 100 already. And she could read simple cvc words. To think that we have totally stopped our regular homeschooling during weekdays. Ayoko din kasi na ma-over sya sa aral so I decided to stop her regular homeschooling. But on weekdays because they usually have homework, dun nalang kami nag study kasabay na yung pagre-review of their lessons for the week.

Kaya I am super happy when we got her Term 1 exam results!

Straight As. The only P there was because she got 1 mistake eh up to 6 lang ang question. But over all she got perfect scores or 1-2 mistakes lang. Nakakaloka!

Of course I made sure we still review during her exam week. They had a mastery exam a week prior to their actual exam and she got really good grades on them as well. But because the teachers send this traffic light thingy on their handbook, alam ko which lessons I have to focus on.

I also realized while reviewing that my daughter actually knows the answer but did not listen carefully to the instructions or masyadong madaldal kaya kung ano nalang ang isagot. I had to remind her to follow the instructions carefully and listen talaga. Sensya na, mana mana lang.

Kaya during her actual exams, she aced everything. They don't have report cards but behavioral status and overall feedback only. Her teachers all gave positive feedback on her behavior and class standing so we are super proud.

We are very happy with AIS (Aguinaldo International School). They have really small class, as in 12 lang sila in a class with 2 teachers (1 main teacher and 1 helping teacher). During our PTC I got to talk to 3 of her teachers. Iba kasi ang teachers for Reading and Language and iba din ang teacher on Science and Math.

But what I love most is the kind of discipline and independence they instill on every child. The #FabSkye is really happy sa school nya. Kaya we never had any episode of crying or whining. Iiyak lang yan if we tell her na di sya papasok because she always want to go to school talaga

Even in the morning, it's really easy to wake her up. If ayaw bumangon, I'll just say "oh sige wag ka na pumasok sa big school today", and asahan mo na babangon na yan with a huge smile on her face.

It is really important for me that my child loves her school. More than anything else, iba ang effect sa bata nung positive ang tingin nya sa school and not a chore. Sana she'd be like that always.

Next time I'll share with you why we chose AIS and everything you need to know about her school. So I could help out other mums na naghahanap din ng school for their child. Kasi ang hirap talagang pumili ng school these days.


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