Sanicare Hygiene Care Circle and their First Brand Ambassador Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

I'm very sure that you are familiar with the brand - Sanicare.

Yes. That thick and durable line of tissues (bathroom and kitchen) that we all love.

I am a Sanicare user myself. And my Sanicare story started when an aunt of my ex-jowa gave us a pack of 3-ply bathroom tissue when we visited their house. You see, I really can't use the bathroom without tissue. Sino bang kaya mag banyo ng walang tissue? And so a bathroom tissue is a necessity for me. I used to buy the cheapest brand. Kasi syempre, ipampupunas lang. Dapat mura! But then everything changed when we tried the 3-ply bathroom tissue of Sanicare. We realized that eventhough Sanicare is a little bit pricier than others, it is more economical. Yes mas tipid! With the other brand kasi, kelangan madami ang kunin mo because nabubutas once you wipe it and there are fibers na naiiwan sa ehem. But with Sanicare 3-ply as in konti lang. Dalawang square lang. Minsan nga 1 lang pero since 3-ply sya of strong and thick and durable tissue, it's more than enough for me.

And then eventually, I tried the kitchen towels and pulls. It has been a brand that I really trust and use. No kyeme.

So when I got invited to an intimate media event of Sanicare, I immediately said yes.

On the event I got to learn more about the product and met their very first brand ambassador - Bianca Gonzalez-Intal.

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Like most of us mums, Bianca is very particular with the product she uses for her home and her family. On the event, I learned that Sanicare is actually more than just a durable and thick tissue that I loved. Sanicare is actually very proud of the fact that they are offering innovative and high quality hygienic products to us Filipinos.

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According to Sanicare's Marketing Director Ms. Lea Sio Pacis, this Filipino brand (first time I learned that as well) was built by her dad for her mum's sensitive skin. How sweet!

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That's why Sanicare is not just a bathroom tissue. Did you know that because they want to promote environmental and personal hygiene, Sanicare developed Sanicare Ecolayers tissue rolls - a breakthrough in Philippine tissue manufacturing industry. Basically they combine two tissue paper layers made from virgin pulp and recycled-grade paper pulp to create a durable tissue product.

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Their kitchen towel line is made from 100% virgin pulp with no artificial whiteners or chlorine. Sa sobrang safe nya, pwede syang coffee filter! Seryoso!

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During the event Bianca and host Stephanie Zubiri talked about their Sanicare story and introduced to us the latest innovative products from Sanicare - their Baby Care Line.

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sanicare-Bianca-Gonzalez-ReigningStill (4)

Grabe! Sanicare now has Sanicare Jumbo Cotton Balls, which I wish is already present when my daughter is a baby. Sanicare Large Cotton Buds perfect for our baby's ears because walang kaba na matutusok mo sya because it's big nga. Sanicare Mini Cotton Buds perfect for the little nose.

sanicare-Bianca-Gonzalez-ReigningStill (3)

They also have Sanicare Baby Wipes 80s and 15s. Which is really thick and soft and nice (Sanicare gave us some to try and we love it!). It has no perfume, very gentle and paraben-free.

sanicare-Bianca-Gonzalez-ReigningStill (18)

And of course, the Sanicare Baby Underpads!! Hay Sanicare! Bakit ngayon ka lang?! I could remember those days when I would bring home soiled underpads and scarf. Ambaho nya talaga sa bag eh. So the baby underpads is perfect! Kasi syempre, if already soiled, pwede mo na itapon. I still kept the pack given to us by Sanicare even though I already have a toddler. Pagdating sa bahay, naglagay na ko sa baby bag ni Skye. Because this is going to be a life saver for me. This pad has 5 layers - woven top, absorbent tissue, absorbent pulp, more tissue and PE plastic to prevent leakage.

sanicare-Bianca-Gonzalez-ReigningStill (10)

I won't have to use my scarf as underpads anymore! Hallelujah!

Aside from the talk with Bianca, there are also 3 stations that they have prepared for us to show different home hacks using Sanicare Products.

First off is the station of beauty blogger Shari Macainag that shows different beauty and bathroom hacks.

sanicare-Bianca-Gonzalez-ReigningStill (11)

Sanicare's Personal Hygiene Line is consists of Sanicare Facial Tissue, Sanicare Cleansing Wipes, and Sanicare Cotton.

sanicare-Bianca-Gonzalez-ReigningStill (12)

And my favorite Sanicare Bathroom Line is consist of Sanicare Ecolayer Bathroom Tissue (must buy!!!), Sanicare Interfolded Hand Towel, Sanicare Handipack and my now favorite Sanicare Disposable Toilet Seat Cover.

sanicare-Bianca-Gonzalez-ReigningStill (9)

Another new product that I really love is the Sanicare Disposable Toilet Seat Cover. Haaaaay!!! I've been looking for this for a long time. Seryoso. Madalas wala sya sa supermarket. And the one's that they have is not really good. Mahirap gamitin. I tried Sanicare and it is perfect. Probably because it is manufactured by Pinoys, so sakto talaga sa mga Pinoy toilets. I am hoarding this!!!!

Next station is by Sarah Tirona of Fashion Eggplant. She shares loads of baby hacks for us mothers.

sanicare-Bianca-Gonzalez-ReigningStill (13)

A lot of the stuff she mentioned are really, really helpful and useful. Some of them I am already doing and I must say that they are indeed sanity savers like packing your kid's clothes in zip lock and labeling them. Two thumbs up!

sanicare-Bianca-Gonzalez-ReigningStill (14)

Final station is by Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon. She shares loads of kitchen hacks using Sanicare Kitchen Hygiene Line.

sanicare-Bianca-Gonzalez-ReigningStill (15)

This is where I learned that the Sanicare Kitchen Towel Jumbo is the best thing ever. Hahaha! She uses it to dry bottles, as oil holders, to keep our veggies moisturized, etc.

sanicare-Bianca-Gonzalez-ReigningStill (16)

You could even use it as coffee filter. That's how safe it is.

Sanicare also has Sanicare Lunch Napkins that has elegant border design embossing and Sanicare Mood Dinners Napkins that has a cloth-like feel.

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It is truly an afternoon of fun and learning for all of us. I'm so glad that I got to attend events like these where we get to learn from our fellow mums.

And more importantly, I am very proud that a Filipino brand like Sanicare has created products that suits our needs and helps us take care of our families.

Here's my vlog on the event, enjoy!! Please don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel while we're at it!! Yay!

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