Online Car Registration - A Leap To Government Modernization

We all know that technology has been taking over every aspect of our lives. Technology made our lives easier, has connected us better and made everything efficient.

I am a huge supporter of technology. Being in the IT industry, I understand how it helps define our future. And if you don't adopt to technology, you will be left behind.

Our government agencies should act fast! The Philippine government should act fast if we want to address a lot of the common problems we are encountering now; especially when it comes to doing some nasty paperwork for the government like car registration.

Did you know that we are one of the very few countries who still does manual process of vehicle registration? Yep, how sad is that? Knowing fully well that we have the best IT engineers in the world who has done a lot of ground breaking ideas to technology. Yet our own government processes are being done manually!

As a new car owner and new driver, I am appalled by the fact that it looks like I need to skip work just so I could register my car at LTO and would probably encounter loads of issues like "fixers", long lines and the dreaded "offline". Not to mention the probability of me not bringing all the requirements needed to renew my car registration. I even heard some where their requirements were somewhat "lost". That would definitely mean going back and forth to their offices.

I've also asked my father (who process our car and motorcycle registration yearly) and he said that there are a lot of processes that could be improved or eliminated. Some processes are prone to "lagay" while the others are unnecessary.

I won't claim to be an expert on these stuff and I did try to ask around but funny thing is, I would get different answers from different people. Major sign that the process is not standard! What a shame!

Senate Resolution No. 392 by Sen. JV Ejercito

So when I came across Senate Resolution No. 392 by Sen JV Ejercito, a small fire in me called "hope" was flickered.

Change has come, indeed!

I was able to secure a copy of the resolution so you could check it out as well...

Senate-Resolution-392-JV-Ejercito-Online-Car-Registration (2) Senate-Resolution-392-JV-Ejercito-Online-Car-Registration (3) Senate-Resolution-392-JV-Ejercito-Online-Car-Registration (1)

Right now, the LTO was rated as one of the most corrupt agency in the Philippines. Efforts such as these could definitely help eliminate corruption on our government agencies.

If there is one thing I want my tax to go - that is government modernization. I know that technology could be a little bit costly at first but the efficiency it will bring to our government offices is definitely worth it.

We could start with baby steps. Online scheduling, online payment and probably online submission of some documents or some forms that must be filled up.

I know that there are some processes that can't be eliminated and so we still need to go to the LTO offices to have our cars checked prior to registration but scheduling everything is already a huge help. No need to line up and wait for our turn and waste precious time. No need to fill up forms because everything is already on your online file. It is also a lot easier to retrieve our files.

Being cashless on the LTO offices would be a HUGE help. If we could pay online or through bank, we won't be tempted to make "lagay".

Eliminating some of the processes that is not needed could also make the registration faster and more efficient.

Some of our government agencies are already doing it. It is time for LTO to do the same!

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