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A couple of weeks back, I got invited to the launch of the latest Japanese disposable diaper to hit Manila - GOO.N!

The event was held at Manila House in BGC where we got the chance to talk to the people who brought GOO.N to the Philippine shores, plus the brand ambassadors of GOO.N.

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Champ Rosruen, Sales and Marketing Representative of ElleAir International Thailand and Jesse Maxwell, President of One Stop Distribution Inc.

One Stop Distribution Inc., known for bringing premier brands in the Philippines, decided to distribute GOO.N diapers because it is a leading brand in Japan and Southeast Asia.

Mr. Champ Rosruen even did a test of GOO.N diaper's absorbency. All of us were impressed of how fast GOO.N diaper was able to absorb the water and how dry it felt when touched.

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If you notice, there is a wetness indicator on the diaper so mums like me could easily identify if the diaper is wet already.

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Brand Ambassadors: Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez, Jessica Kienle-Maxwell, Blogger Amber of A Momma Abroad and her son, and Basketball star Eric Menk

We also had a short discussion with the brand ambassadors on the importance of choosing the right diapers for our little ones plus some useful tips especially when travelling with our kids.

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I was glad that they mentioned a tip I've always done when it comes to diapers - have a pambahay diaper, pang-alis diaper and overnight diaper.

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Because diapers don't come cheap and our baby's needs and our needs are different. Good thing GOO.N has the premium variant which we can use as an overnight diaper and a cheaper regular variant that can be used as pambahay.

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GOO.N Premium Tape or Pants Type Super Jumbo costs 680.00php while Jumbo costs 420.00php. The more affordable version GOO.N Friend Tape Super Jumbo costs 439.00php, Jumbo costs 229.00php, and Regular costs 79.00php.

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GOO.N also comes in wide range of sizes - from Newborn to XXXL. I'm sure that parents whose children are kinda delayed on potty training or those with special needs are rejoicing on the XXXL size.


According to Mr. Rosruen, GOO.N has always been known in Southeast Asia as a diaper brand with good absorbency so a promise of good night's sleep is on board.

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Isn't wonderful to be introduced to new brands in the market? I always find it great that we now have more options when it comes to products we could use for our chidren.

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