Glowing Skin with Yakson

I'm halfway through my Face Resizing Care Program of Yakson. And so far I'm loving it!

Here's my latest selfie as proof!

Yakson-Good-Skin-Face-ReigningStill (5)

See? Smaller face, more symmetrical and definitely glowing!

I'm not even wearing make up daily anymore! Usually, just kilay (because #KilayIsLife, I use browcara to color it) and sunscreen, and I'm good to go. I don't have to use foundation to hide all the chismis on my face anymore because, hello! Hello! No more chismis!

Yakson-Mid-Review-Face-Resizing-ReigningStill (9)

See the huge difference? Very obvious diba? People has been noticing that my skin is glowing too, kaya super happy ako.

At my age, skin care is something na dapat talaga i-prioritize. Hindi na tayo bata. My skin is no longer elastic and pretty. More on dull na talaga sya. But eversince Yakson, I saw a big improvement!

Yakson-Mid-Review-Face-Resizing-ReigningStill (1)

I know it's because of the combination of massage and masks. Because of Yakson nga, I got really intrigued with Korean masks. Dati I don't like them. I don't see the use of it. Pero iba pala talaga!

Yakson-Good-Skin-Face-ReigningStill (6)

So far I've tried Thirty Mask (mask with 30 natural ingredients to help improve our skin), Modeling Mask and Ginseng Mask. All have been very helpful in making sure that I get better face and skin.

Yakson-Good-Skin-Face-ReigningStill (4)

The massage surely helps flush out the toxins and stress. I'm very sure it does. Iba kasi yung feeling after massage. Talagang nawawala ang stress ko.

Yakson-Good-Skin-Face-ReigningStill (3)

I also have to commend the cleansers and moisturizers and toners that they use on me! EOSBeaute is a Korean brand (of course), but I'm not sure if they are available locally. I swear! Ang ganda nyan bes.

Yakson-Good-Skin-Face-ReigningStill (1)

Very obvious naman na I love it no?

Yakson-Good-Skin-Face-ReigningStill (2)

I swear, the improvement on my face and my skin is more than enough for me to love Yakson! Yay!!!

You can learn more about Yakson House by visiting their website here or check out and follow them on Facebook.

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