Conversations with the #FabSkye Vol. 2


Look at how big my baby is!

We took this photo last Sunday. She wanted to go to the playground (play areas) and has been bugging us for several days already so I have to give in.

You see, last year I realized that we've been going to "special places" quite randomly and frequently, it lost it's "specialness". So on Christmas I could no longer think of a spacial place to go. This year, I promised myself to not spend so much on places like that anymore. Anyway, my daughter is a simple girl. Kalaro lang talaga gusto nya and the slides and the running. I'm not the type who spoil her with so much toys so we still continue with that trend. As much as I would love to give everything to my daughter, I want her to appreciate the small things and value the importance of everything. Ayokong lumaki sya na self-entitled.

So far, she's turning out to be everything I ever hoped for and more. She's turning out to be a hundred times better that I ever was. And for that I am forever grateful.

And when I say she's a hundred times better (or probably worst), I really mean it. Look at her!


That's her outfit of the day. At sya pumili nyan. Wag nyo ko tanungin bakit sya naka-purple tights kasi di ko din alam!! If you know me or has been reading my blog, you know how much I love colors!!! Nyahaha! Mukhang may kumuha na talaga sa trono ko as the rainbow girl. Paging my bestfriend Jerellt, oh ano tol? Ansabe ng red pants ko sa purple tights nya? Ahahahah!

I was telling her to wear jeggings or leggings instead of that tutu dress but she just won't budge..

Me: I think you need to wear pants today. If you wanna go play and do slides, you have to wear pants!
Skye: How about this one? (holding that purple tights)
Me: But it's hot! You're not supposed to wear tights when it's hot.
Skye: But it's pretty! I want this. And my Elsa dress. And my white shoes.
Me: How about this one? (giving her a different set of clothes)
Skye: Oh my goodness! That's disgusting!

Hahahahaha! Oh diba? Hiyang hiya ako talaga bes. Disgusting ampotek! San nya nakuha yun???!!

Wala ka na ngang lusot sa kanya. She has opinion on everything. Sometimes, natatawa nalang kami ng Tatay nya. Pero minsan may halong takot. Mukhang di pwedeng mauto eh.

Like what happened when we were out shopping...

We we're shopping for Tatay's polo shirts and so our conversation goes like this..
Me: Tatay, tong pink nalang. Mas maganda to.
Tatay: Eh may ganyan na ko diba?
Me: Eh kasi nga blah blah blah..
Tatay: Kasi nga blah blah blah..
Skye: Okay guys, how about the blue one? This is nice! Come on Tatay! Try it! Oh my god!! HURRY!!

Nyahahaha! Sina ateng sales lady tawang tawa talaga. Naloka sila eh! Her Tatay kasi would usually take forever to decide on something. Ewan ko. Sya talaga ata babae sa amin. Kaloka!


Pero wala syang lusot sa kanyang unica hija. Most days ganito sila mag-usap..

Tatay: Skye, turn off the electric fan.
Skye: But it's HOT!!
Tatay: But we have aircon!
Skye: I know! But it's HOT!
Tatay: I'm cold. Turn off the electric fan.
Skye: But it's hot Tatay, it's hot. I sweat!
Me: Kakay, patayin mo na yung electric fan utang na loob. Wag mo ng asarin yang Tatay mo!
Skye: Hahahahah! Just kidding!

Hanep!! Buti nalang talaga cute sya at anak sya ng Tatay nya. Feeling ko kung hindi, nabatukan na sya. If there's one thing though that I really admire about my husband is the fact that he is such a great dad. Ang haba ng pisi nya sa anak nya. Ibang klase!


Hay! I can't believe that she's big already. We are still homeschooling. We decided not to enroll her this year because we want to continue homeschooling. And she's having a hard time waking up super early in the morning. We are training now though. So next year, she'd be ready.


I try not to hurry up my daughter on anything. I try to work according to her pace. So far, her pace is really kinda fast. She's good with colors, shapes, numbers and could even do simple matching exercises. She's exceptionally good at writing! Soon I'll share with you our homeschooling journey and how I incorporate learning thru play. Just like how my friend Que homeschool her son.

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She may not be enrolled in a school now but our learning never stops! I have plans on enrolling her on some class this year. Sana she'll love it.   

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