When I first heard of the term, Three-nager, I got really scared. Nyahaha!

Terrible two is already a handful. I don't know how I'll manage three-nagers! With work, life, blog and everything else. How can I manage this another stage of my child's life?

And I'm telling you, three-nager is for real. Now that she could talk and express herself more, she has a lot of say on everything now. She would copy everything we do and would constantly ask whys and how and why nots.

My daughter is also very smart. And I'm not saying this only because she's my daughter. Coz she really is very smart. Sometimes it scares. That smart kid has a lot of say in our household already. And she would notice even the smallest details. Ang hirap bes!

When you deal with a really smart kid, you have to be very careful. Di mo mauuto. Di mo maloloko. Di pwede yung char char lang na explanation.

So we really talk to her like an adult here in the house. Well at least, I TRY treat her like an adult. Her Tatay would still try to treat her like a baby pero laging waley. Madalas supalpal sya. Tigas kasi ng ulo eh.

I think that's one of the reasons why we are able to handle all my daughter's crazy. Coz we don't treat her like a kid, kid. Hindi namin sya inuuto. Hindi kami nagsisinungaling sa kanya. Hindi ako naniniwala sa pagpapa baby ng mga bagay bagay.

I also make sure that I talk to my child. Every time mag aaway kami or she'll do something not nice, we talk about it. I make sure I explain to her everything. Why she has to be punished and face the wall. Why I got mad. Why it's not right.

We also listen to her. If she'd mad, I let her shout. If she's angry, I let her cry it out. And then we talk. We make sure that wen we are together, we are really together. Even if I'm home and working, I am present for my daughter. If she shows me something, I'll look at it. Kahit gaano kapagod, kahit gaano ka-busy - I will look at whatever crazy stuff it is that she's showing me.

In return, she understands that there are instances where she can't interrupt me. Like when I'm on conference call. So I'll just tell her that I'm in a meeting and that she shouldn't bother Nanay. That she should talk to Tatay (or anybody else present).

There's this one time, naabutan ko sila ni Tita Mariel nya (my cousin who looks after her)...

Mariel: Kakay, what are you doing?
Kakay: (she set up her iPad to look like she on a laptop) I'm on a meeting Tita Mariel, sssshhh.. okay?!
Mariel: Oh okay, here's your headset.

Hahahaha! Kaloka diba? Tapos deadma na si Tita Mariel while my daughter pretends she's on a meeting. Animated pa bes! Napaisip tuloy ako kung animated din ba ako pag nasa meeting eh. Nyahahah!

But I'm happy that my daughter understands that she has a working mumma. And she's happy and fine with it!

I am a blessed mum, definitely!

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