Conversations with the #FabSkye

At three, conversations with my daughter is getting really really crazy and fun. She’s very talkative and strong-willed and I can see so much of myself in her. Madami ding say sa lahat ng bagay. Minsan naiisip ko nga baka type nya mag abogado. Feeling ko, with her wit and her guts and her ability to reason out, she’d make a great lawyer.

I’ve been meaning to blog about our funny conversations to document it but I’ve been very bad at documenting her milestones in this blog. Hahahah! I just can’t keep up! And I’d rather live each moment with her than try to document some of it and eventually miss most.

That’s what I’ve been doing actually. I try to live each moment with my daughter. I try to spend as much time with her as possible. I bring her to blog events, sometimes I bring her to work. Sometimes, I’d bring work home just so I could spend more time with her. I would play with her. Have endless conversations. Buti nalang now, she loves filming our every move so I do that as much as I could. Masaya because I have something to look back to aside from the pictures.

So if you follow me on my social media, you’ve probably watched lots of #FabSkye videos. And I guess mas mapapadalas sya. Since we are also vlogging now. Ang saya!

My daughter, at three, loves to sing and dance. Memorize nya almost the entire Moana, Frozen and Trolls soundtrack. Plus all the songs in Disney Jr. Nakaka-amaze kasi super fast sya mag memorize ng songs and even the lines from the movies. Usually she’d watch it on her iPad or the TV and then magugulat nalang ako, memorize na nya. Wala pang 24hrs, memorize na nya.

Her favorite lines now are:
I have an idea!
Just kidding!
I’m super hungry.
Oh my goodness!!
Hey, guys! Wait for me!

At madami pang iba! Most of the time, nagugulat nalang kami sa kanya. We’d laugh because of her crazy antics. Conversations with the #FabSkye is never boring.

Eto samples:
I have my menstruation and natagusan yung panty ko. The #ReigningTatay saw it and showed it to the #FabSkye
Tatay: Kakay look! Look at Nanay’s pipi.
Kakay: Ooohhh! It has blood!
Tatay: What happened to Nanay’s pipi?
Kakay: It’s broken!
Enchang is at our room playing. Nilalabas lahat ng toys nya from the bin at kinakalat. Stress na stress ang bagets kasi alam nyang sya ang magliligpit after.
Kakay: Enchang, stop! Don’t throw my toys. I clean it.
Enchang: (still throwing the toys)
Kakay: Oh my goodness!!! Ugh!
I asked our helper to clean our room. Kakay’s still playing inside…
Me: Kakay, get out of the room! It’s dusty.
Kakay: What, me? But why??!!!
Koka (my aunt who looks after her): Time to shower, kakay!
Kakay: I don’t want to! Let go of me!
Tatay: Kakay, you fix your toys!
Kakay: But I’m a princess! You, you fix my toys!

At eto pa! The other night, I have a conference call/meeting. I took the call at home coz it’s kinda late. So nung call na, I told Kakay na wag maingay. Eh ang Tatay nyang bwiset, inaasar sya! Sobrang funny kasi umiiyak sya ng walang sound, nagmamaktol ng walang sound, inaaway ang Tatay nya ng WALANG SOUND! As in all actions lang! Kasi nga, Nanay’s on a call and she’s not allowed na mag ingay. Sobrang funny, halos di ako maka concentrate sa call. Tawang tawa ako the entire time. Diosmio! 3 years old lang ba talaga tong anak ko? Hahaha!

Paano na pag mga 5 or 6 na sya? Goodluck nalang talaga!

toddler-fashion-girl-hm-jeans-fabskye-reigningstill (5)
When you ask her to pose for the camera she'll do that! #futuremowdel
toddler-fashion-girl-hm-jeans-fabskye-reigningstill (1)
She also loves to do wacky shots!
toddler-fashion-girl-hm-jeans-fabskye-reigningstill (4)
Look at that face!
toddler-fashion-girl-hm-jeans-fabskye-reigningstill (3)
What a cutie! Buti nalang magaling magdala ng damit! Ahem!
toddler-fashion-girl-hm-jeans-fabskye-reigningstill (2)

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