Happy Christmas and Thank You my #ReigningReaders


I want to greet each and everyone of you, my dear #ReigningReaders, a Happy Happy Christmas!!!

Thank you so much guys for sticking up to me. For always going back to my little corner and for always reading and following my crazy. This is another wonderful and fruitful year for my blog and I just can’t thank you enough because you guys, made this happen.

This little corner is just a hobby. 10 years ago, it was nothing but a hobby. That place where I pour my heart and soul. If you’d go back to my archives and read my non-sense posts 10 years ago, you’d understand. I still smile every time I’d read some of them. Ang emo ko pala talaga dati. Pumapag-ibig!

This blog evolved as I evolved. This blog matures as I mature. This blog is where I document my life. This blog has seen me on my worst and best times. And now, this blog serves as my outlet where I document my life as a mother. This blog made me, and is making me happy. Truly, really happy.

Also, this blog has blessed me and my family so much. I’ve been receiving endless gifts from sponsors and brands and PRs. This blog paid for our Bacolod trip last month. And would pay for our February beach trip next year. Ang dami ko pa ngang kupit kasi I use this blog’s earning in buying our Human Nature stash. So technically, this blog also pays for our grocery. I’m kinda living a sponsored life – make ups and beauty kits, feminine wash, body wash, planners, coffee, food trips, baby shampoo, CCTV camera, shoes, bags, vitamins, gadgets and a whole lot more. I was able to save a whole lot on groceries coz I almost don’t buy toiletries anymore. That’s all because of this blog. And I owe it all to you my readers. So thank you, thank you for being a blessing to my family.

More than the sponsored posts and the freebies, what really gets me going are the emails and messages I’d get from readers telling me how much I helped them – in breastfeeding, in caring for their child, for my restaurant recommendations, etc. Nakakataba ng puso yung mga messages and emails na natatanggap ko from you guys. Also the comments I get to read. Sabi nga ng SM, “Happy to serve!”. Ay SM nga ba yun? Nyahaha! And sorry din dun sa mga napapagastos (pero nagiging happy naman sila!) because of this blog. Lakas ko daw kasi maka-enganyo eh. Serrey nemen!

Seriously, I am so happy pag nakakatulong ako sa inyo. Pag natutuwa kayo sa nababasa nyo. Pag natututo kayo. Because that’s the reason why I blog. I share because I want to help. I share because I want to inform. And it really feels great. I am specially happy that I got to encourage friends and readers to watch theater shows.

2016 is both challenging and happy for me. But this blog kept me sane. You guys, kept me sane. So thank you!

Christmas is always a time to reflect for me. A time to thank the people that truly matters. I take Christmas as an opportunity to appreciate all the blessings I got – may it be friends, family, work and awesome readers! I want you to know that you blessed me more that you could ever imagine, and I thank you for that.

So for next year, I promise to be better. I promise to continue being honest with you, I’d try to share more stuff that would help you and your family. I’d try to spread positivity and happiness. Basta, kitakits padin next year okay? Kapit lang mga bes ah. Walang iwanan!!!

I love you all!!

Again, from my family to yours, a Happy Happy Happy Christmas once more!

And oh! I’d be sharing some Celeteque Dermocosmetics make up to some of my chosen blog commenters. So comment away on this post. I’d announce the winners next week. Ba-blog ko muna yung Celeteque! Hahaha!

I don't do pa-give aways kasi they attract professional give away joiners, so we won't raffle off. Pipili ako guys ah! Because I want my real readers to win. 

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