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I’ve been wearing glasses since the third grade. That’s practically my entire life. So I guess I could call myself an expert on this whole optical world. I’ve tried them all. The big ones, the small ones. The nice lenses. Those glasses that hurt on the sides of the head. Those that comes with lenses that glare. And those that’s perfect for an I.T. girl like me.

I’ve been meaning to get a new pair ever since I gave birth almost 2 years ago because my old pair is shouting for a replacement already. But you know, motherhood happens and I don’t even have the time to visit an optical store and get my pair.

Thank heavens there’s a thing called online optical store nowadays like!

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I received my pair earlier this week and I loved it!! It’s perfect. The style, the lenses. Everything. My pair is in tortoise and comes with 1.57 thin and light lenses with anti-reflection and anti-UV coatings. Perfect for me! I can’t help but take loads of selfies. Lookie…

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Isn't it the prettiest? Perfect right? The size, the style. Now, eye glasses are no longer an eye sore. The perfect style could make a lady pretty and could even enhance the look. Like me here, I look like a cute nerdy girl. Agree?

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I’m pretty sure you have a lot of questions about this awesome online store and allow me to answer them all here.

How Does It Work?

Visit They have collections for men’s and women’s glasses and sunglasses. Just look for a style that you like from their wide array of choices. But be warned. They have lots and lots of nice and cute glasses. Deciding which one to get is a major headache. I had a difficult time choosing. I wanna get them all.

But if you are one of those who’s not sure of how a pair would look on you, have this awesome feature where you could try the glasses on virtually.


See? Look at that. At least you’d have an idea if the style you opted looks nice on you. They also show the details of the glasses like the size and measurements. With that you’d have an idea of the actual size and if you currently own a pair, you could compare them. That’s what I did actually.

So once you have decided the style you want, click on select the lenses. You could then opt for single vision prescription glasses, multifocal prescriptions glasses or non-prescription glasses. From there you could enter your prescription by manually providing the values or if you are unsure, you may upload the scanned copy of your prescription.

They also offer different types of lenses. You may select your lens thickness, color and coatings according to your preference. Some options have additional pay though, they are indicated for your reference.

Then proceed with payment. You can pay thru paypal or credit card. Then provide your shipping details. If you want them shipped here in the Philippines, you need to pay $18.75 for shipping.

When Will I Receive It?

One you have confirmed your order, Firmoo would process them for 1-2 days. Then shipping usually takes 5-7 days. Firmoo would always keep you updated by sending email notifications. Aside from that, you may also track your shipping on the Firmoo website. Additional information about shipping and tracking may be found here.

See? Easy peasy. Perfect for busy mums like me. Go and visit Firmoo now!

Thank you for my pair.

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