Happy Sunday!

Hello, everyone!

How are you guys doing? The past few weeks has been crazy. If you are following me on social media (@reigningstill), you are probably updated with my crazy. My little family had a tough bout with flu and a little viral infection. We later on discovered that my darling had Roseola Infantum. But all is well now. She's fine. After all the minor rashes fades out, she's fine.

While I am still a bit sick. My allergic rhinitis is kinda killing me. I dunno. I haven't met with my allergologist yet because I know I need some strong anti-histamines. But I'm still breastfeeding so I'm trying to do a quick fix. So difficult to be a mum. My kid always come first. No questions asked. So yeah. If you ever bump on me and saw that I am sporting a blotchy red nose and blood shot eyes (that's no sore eyes baby!), just please bear with me. This mama is fighting off allergies.

On a lighter note though, are you feeling a little bit like Christmas?!

Oh my! Christmas is really just around the corner. September is almost done and I am hearing season sales, Christmas songs and I am now busy worrying about our home decors. This year, I am sure that the baby would appreciate the lights and decors and all the festives. So yeah. I plan to make it a little bit more festive than what we're usually used to.

So if you have tips for me, let me know!

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