I cried over a laptop that won’t power up.

Last Friday, I cried over a laptop that won’t power up. Literally.

Last week has been crazy. I had a misunderstanding with the ReigningTatay over some things I won’t divulge here anymore. We had a power interruption last Wednesday that should’ve lasted for 4 hours max but was resolved after 12hrs. So I have literally no sleep at all. I was so tired because it’s Christmas party week so it means longer stay at work and lesser things accomplished. Then I got so pissed up over some people who won’t stop smoking in public. I was so pissed. Really pissed. And tired. And lacking sleep.

So I decided to do a RANT post. In my head I was already drafting my post. I’d put all my rants. To Meralco. To MMDA and Makati Traffic. To the smokers. To the government for not implementing the law. To everybody, because I am pissed.

But when I turned on my laptop, it won’t power up. And it’s all because my brother always forget to unplug the laptop charger all the freakin’ time. I was hysterical. I was soooo pissed. First because it’s my stuff and I take care of my stuff so well. Second because I want to blog and rant and I can’t. Third because I don’t have the money to have it fixed or worst, to get a new one. I was so mad. I was so angry.


But today, after all the drama and craziness. After all the emotions have died down, I realized how selfish I’ve become. It’s the Christmas season. Instead of posting positive things to remind people and my readers the true meaning of the season, I decided to rant. Because I am tired and sleepy, I decided to overlook the things more important and used words that I know would hurt the people I love.

My bestfriend reminded me that I have a 4year old laptop. Most laptops only lasts for 2years, mine is actually overworked already. And I shouldn’t have stressed myself too much on that Meralco incident and should have used my energy on trying to sleep without e-fan instead. I have always said that this blog aims to spread positivity but I decided to do rant post. Although I still aim to do a post regarding my meralco and mmda experiences, but I’d like to do it when my mind is clear so I could make an objective post.

I am blessed beyond words. 2014 has been a wonderful year altogether. Not perfect. With a lot of ups and downs but it was wonderful. So for 2015, I decided to train myself and my heart to see the good in every situation. i have been stressing too much. I have been ranting too much. I have been wasting tears on things less important. Yes, my personal laptop died on me. But it has served its purpose. And yes, I currently don’t have the funds to buy another one but I’ll soon have it. I know it for sure.




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