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Hello again ReigningReaders. :) Did you miss me? Did you miss my #OOTB posts? I know! I know! I’m so sorry for being MIA. My Nanay is a very busy lady, and since she always tag me along, I’m busy as well.
Just last Saturday we went this Basic Photography Lecture in High Street. I learned a lot. And well, I think I got a little bit more excited because I keep on babbling while the speakers are discussing their thing. Sorry! I just wanna say something. And no body seem to understand my yada yada. I really should hurry up learning how to properly speak. My Nanay should be able to tell you the details of that event soon – how soon? Oh well! Knowing her, it’s probably months from now!
Anyway, I wanna share with you my latest pambahay look.
korean baby look (2)
Yes, my friends! That’s my pambahay look now. Complete with shoes and the hat. Ok fine. My Nanay would remove the hat when we’re at home.
This was taken at the nearby Starbucks. Nanay and Tatay just decided to go there to get their caffeine fix – they love that new Chirstmas drink. The cookie something, which I can’t remember because I wasn't allowed to taste it. Sucks being a baby, I know!
korean baby look (1)
My Nanay bought a handful of leg warmers for me because I keep getting insect bites lately. I don’t why. The insects just love me. Tatay cleaned out the entire room already. And Cupcake (my Lola Mila) & Lola Dedet (my yaya) cleaned the rest of the house. But still the insects find their way to me. We have insect repellants that would work for several hours but it’s not enough. So yep! My Nanay took a drastic move and made me wear leg warmers all day. Hehehe!
korean baby look (3)korean baby look (4)
   I guess it’s also dual purpose because I love to crawl already. The leg warmers protect me from hurting my knees too. And I don’t get too sweaty anyway because Nanay got me those cotton ones that are super comfy. :) 

I’m also wearing shoes now even at home because I love to eat my shoes and my socks. My Nanay wants to train me on wearing shoes especially now that I am starting to learn how to walk.
Gosh! Too many things to learn. My life as baby blogger is never boring, I tell you!
korean baby look (5)
    So how do you find my look? Can I pass as a Korean baby? :) I have another Korean look on my Nanay’s phone but the pictures are crappy. We’d try to take another set of pictures soon.


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