How Do You Like Your Pasta? Al Dente!

Last October, our friends from Dona Elena invited me and some fellow mummy bloggers to celebrate National Pasta Month (No kiddin’, it’s real!) at The Blackboard by Chef Michel. We we’re encouraged to tag along blogger friends, so of course I asked my bestfriend Jerellt to come with me. Usapang food eh, kelangan ko ng back up! You all know I’m a novice in the kitchen so I need someone who knows her pasta well – cooking and eating, of course.


I was supposed to leave the baby behind but we are running low on milk stash, so I tagged her along. Skye’s such a PRO on blogger events already. Nakakatulong pa sa socialization ko. People would come to me to talk to her. So bale, napipilitan silang kausapin ako in short. Hihi!

We we’re greeted with these lovely product displays the moment we set foot on The Blackboard.


The event started with some pasta history lessons c/o our friends from Dona Elena, followed by a quick discussion on the different types of pasta. How to identify a high-quality pasta from the cheap ones. And which pasta is perfect for a specific dish. Aba eh meron palang ganun?!


Whoah! Loads of things to learn about pastas. I can see the best friend nodding in agreement on some stuff that they have discussed, while I am in all awe. Alright, don’t get me wrong. I love pasta. But I only love eating it.


Then Prof. Luchie Callanta did a pasta and nutrition talk. Pasta is rich in carbohydrates and protein, both are good for us. And she made the mummies calm down by saying, we don’t get fat by eating pasta. We get fat by eating isang bandehadong pasta tapos matutulog. Hehe. The usual culprit it is then – katakawan at kamaran.

RJ Ledesma also did a talk about his pasta experience. How perfect pasta is because of it’s versatility. That entrepreneurs should use that versatility into creating something new on the market. And I couldn’t agree on him more. You could do loads of dishes with pasta – endless possibilities.


And then Chef Michel did a cooking demo. And gave us some pointers on how to properly cook our pasta. Do not rinse. No need to add oil on boiling water. Do not leave your pasta aside then cook your sauce. It’ll get soggy and sticky. Though you can cook pasta in batches – boil, put oil, refrigerate. :)

Naaaaaakks! Ang yabang ko diba?

And here are Chef Michel’s finished products:


Jerellt and I both fell deep inlove with the Fettuccini in Olive Oil and Shrimp. Sabi ko nga on this post, masasapak mo talaga kabit ni Victor sa sarap! #TwoWivesPH

But the Penne Rigate didn’t disappoint either. The sauce was perfect for the al dente pasta. Even the #FabSkye loves it.


Some mummy bloggers also had a cook off. I’m not sure who won. Hehe. Too bad my bestfriend went to the loo just when they are asking for volunteers. Balak ko mag-volunteer eh. Tutal kasama ko si Jerellt. Akin yung lakas ng loob, kanya yung talent sa kusina. Killer combo sana! Oh well! I’ll just have a cook off with the ReigningTatay here at home. I’ve been dying to recreate that Fettuccini. :-D


Thank you to our friends from Fly Ace Corp. and Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta for inviting us. We sure had loads of fun. :) Btw, Dona Elena Cuisinera Club is going to have another event perfect for the Holiday Season, head over this blog post for further details.

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