#FabSkye’s Encounter w/ Celebrities


Remember my first ever blog post? Where I mentioned that I went with Nanay on this blogger event where everyone’s calling me the youngest blogger ever? Yep! that’s the NFSY Super/Star Day Away!


Thing is, everyone’s calling me the youngest blogger – including the very pretty Kat Alano. Who, by the way, asked to hug me. Yep! She asked Nanay if she could hug me. See? A celebrity wants to hug me. Am I THAT cute? Gosh! I know right?

P1070131 P1070133 P1070134

Okay, I may not look happy on the pictures but I swear! I’m all giddy inside. Hahaha! I just can’t believe how beautiful she is. She looks stunning on her white dress. I can see myself wearing something similar when I grow up.

And ooooppps! Hahahah! I’m on my swimsuits here. :)

P1070142 P1070143 P1070144

Another celebrity who I mingled with is Jerico Rosales’ wife, Kim Jones. She’s also very pretty and tall too. I guess I should take my nap times seriously from now on. My pedia says I’m pandak. So cruel. I’m just cute, you know. But nevertheless, I will nap all afternoon from now on so I could grow taller than Nanay. Which is not really difficult because, you know. She’s not tall anyway. Harhar! Joke only Nanay!

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