#FabSkye’s Encounter w/ Celebrities


Remember my first ever blog post? Where I mentioned that I went with Nanay on this blogger event where everyone’s calling me the youngest blogger ever? Yep! that’s the NFSY Super/Star Day Away!


Thing is, everyone’s calling me the youngest blogger – including the very pretty Kat Alano. Who, by the way, asked to hug me. Yep! She asked Nanay if she could hug me. See? A celebrity wants to hug me. Am I THAT cute? Gosh! I know right?

P1070131 P1070133 P1070134

Okay, I may not look happy on the pictures but I swear! I’m all giddy inside. Hahaha! I just can’t believe how beautiful she is. She looks stunning on her white dress. I can see myself wearing something similar when I grow up.

And ooooppps! Hahahah! I’m on my swimsuits here. :)

P1070142 P1070143 P1070144

Another celebrity who I mingled with is Jerico Rosales’ wife, Kim Jones. She’s also very pretty and tall too. I guess I should take my nap times seriously from now on. My pedia says I’m pandak. So cruel. I’m just cute, you know. But nevertheless, I will nap all afternoon from now on so I could grow taller than Nanay. Which is not really difficult because, you know. She’s not tall anyway. Harhar! Joke only Nanay!


  1. angkyut! wish ko lang masama ko mga twins ko sa mga ganyang event! hehehe

    --- nhengswonderland.blogspot.com

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