Weekend Chismis and SM 3-Day Sale

Last Saturday, we went to The Medical City (SM City Manila) for my 6th month OB-Gyn visit and papsmear. I lugged my Tita (who also Skye’s carer) and our babies – Skye and Sappy. I also took that opportunity to have my other “medical concerns” checked, like this crappy shoulder and back pains I’ve been having for the past 6 months and my nasty wrist pain. Ganun ata talaga pag Nanay na. I always take myself for granted.
Anyway, after seeing a rehab doctor, I was told that every issue I have is “normal” for new mums like me. But still, I am under therapy to address the muscle and joint pains I have. So mums, it is important to take care of yourself as well. I know it’s so difficult. Ako kasi, even if I am suffering from that back pain, pag ginusto ni Skye ng hele, hele! Tiis tiis na lang pag may time. And pinagpapabukas ko yung mga check ups ko. Wag ganun! You should always take care of yourself so you could take care of the baby properly. Like right now, I have extra energy after my first therapy session. I felt better already. Sana nga maging super okay na. Ilang buwan ko na tong tinitiis eh.
And so my OB-Gyn sched was around 11am, but the rehab doctor arrived at around 6PM. Tagal! The doctor’s sched is actually 4PM pero lagi daw yun late. Bakit kaya ganun ang mga doctors no? Always late. They’d give you sched but would make you wait for hours! Public and private, walang pinagkaiba.
Anyway, to kill time we had lunch at Shakey’s…
It was a payday, 3-day sale weekend so the mall was packed to the brim! We’re glad to find an available seat at Shakey’s. Our little boy Sappy is a major ball of energy. Ka-kulet!! But Skye enjoyed his presence so much. They we’re playing the entire time and the little girl was laughing like crazy. Btw, just in case you’re wondering, the baby is actually lying beside me. Everytime we dine out and we don’t have the stroller with us, we always look for couch seats para the baby can sleep while we eat.
As mentioned, it was a 3-day sale weekend and we have a couple of hours to kill as we wait for my next doctor’s appointment…kaya eto ang damage!
Shopping for the baby!! We got new headbands and socks – both are on sale for Php 100.00 per pack. That cute top is on 50% off. We also got the busha pants for 20% off. I told you that I am a WAIS mum. So I always get Skye’s clothes on sale only. I never bought her clothes that are not on sale. So I really took this opportunity to buy her clothes. Anyway, it’s time for a wardrobe change coz she’s already too big on most of her clothes. (The one’s out atleast, coz I have a stash of too big clothes here. It’s a bag full of gifts and hand me downs.)
P1060509 P1060513
We also got these 2 on 50% off. Ang saya saya! Mila is very excited. She had the clothes washed right away. Susuot na daw ni baby agad agad. Excited lang?! Sabagay, we got the ones that fit her just right. We never buy too big clothes on the baby. Panget kasi. :-S So usually, we make her wear the clothes na agad. Hehehehe!
And if you noticed, we finally gave in and got ourselves a baby carrier! Hahahaha! My wake up call was when the ReigningTatay asked me to carry the baby because his arms are already aching. Hindi na makatagal si Tatay sa pagbubuhat sa bagets! So ayun! We got a baby carrier right away, thank heavens that the ReigningPrincess finally found the carrier that she liked. More about baby wearing on a different post though.
So there! Our weekend was fun. Our pockets lighter but our hearts are definitely fuller. And the ReigningPrincess enjoyed much.
I am keeping our malling to every other week now. Not na every week. So this weekend, we’ll just stay at home and play the entire day. Kasi nasa linggo de peligro na ang atm ni Nanay.


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