Customized Cases for My New Babies

So yeah! I joined the bandwagon and bit an apple. :) I am now a proud owner of an iPhone. Geez!

And because I have my new babies, of course I need to dress them up! But gone are the days when you had to scroll on the gazillion designs and choose what you want. People now are so into customized cases. Because we want everything personalized. Right?

Here are mine!


Yay! Please don’t judge me. The iPad case is not for me. It’s for my sissy. And she’s single. So she has every right to devour on Adam’s naked body. Hahahahaha…

That pinkish one with a cutie cute cute baby is mine. Look at my adorable Skye. Yay!

Thanks to my friends at JTS Power Print for these customized cases. Super nice seller. Super fast transactions. Very affordable prices. Click on the pic and like their Facebook page. You may also follow them on IG @jts_powerprint.


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