Breastfeeding Journey: Updates, Issues & Wonders


Still breastfeeding. And we're going strong. :) I am proud to say that it has been a month since I got back to work, a month of pumping, of stash building, of improving the supply and we're able to manage.

Of course it's not a walk in the park. We had issues. I had issues. And I'm pretty sure we'll have some more. But I can say that I'm stronger. That seeing my Skye thriving made me want to continue our breastfeeding journey until she self-wean. I hope on her 2nd year. :)

One of the major issue I had a couple of weeks ago is the decline of my supply. It's a full week of having difficulties in pumping, of keeping up with the demand of the baby. I use to pump 4-5oz per session but it dropped to 2-2.5oz. And I could barely keep up. I had to pump at home before offering my breasts to Skye and then wake up in the middle of the night to pump some more and then really early in the morning just to squeeze even more milk. It's difficult. I am so tired. So so so tired. I feel like I'm a slave of the pump. I'm a slave of these stuff...

Crazy. Just crazy. My teammates know how much I'm struggling. Every time I'd get up and bring my paraphernalia, I'd always ask them to wish me luck. To pray that it'll be a good pumping session with abundant output, but I'd always go back with a sad face.

And so I tried everything. Got myself malunggay capsules. Searched the web on how to increase my milk supply. Stopped the coffee and switched to milo, which is supposed to boost my supply. Got myself a bag of oats. Bought a bottle of Fenugreek capsules. I'd drink hot water before every session. Would massage the breast before and during pumping. Made sure I drink enough liquids. At first parang wala. But then I noticed an improvement after a week. Now I still can't pump that much but atleast it has improved.

But I guess the things that really helped is the fact that I am more relaxed now. I don't get stressed with the  output. Or, should I say, I TRY not to get stressed. I also moved to our lactation room. I used to pump at the clinic since the lactation room is on a different floor. But I can't relax at the the clinic. I don't get that much privacy. At our lactation room, I could lock up the door, remove my shirt and the bra, sit comfortably at the couch and massage my breast well. Things I can't do at the clinic since I can't lock myself up. Now I am more comfortable. Good output or not, well, I'm happy. :)

Another major issue I had is the people here at home. Nakakaloka! I label my bottles, they know they have to feed Skye the oldest bottle first. I'd arrange the bottles in the ref. Sobrang easy na ng buhay nila. They are also aware that they need to feed the baby just 1oz per hour. Skye usually consumes 11-13oz/day. She did consume 15oz when I overstayed at the office. Pero everyday, may old bottles na matitira. Ang masama pa, those bottles are thawed milk! Meaning it has to be consumed within 24hours after completely thawed. So what I do para hindi masayang is I feed it to Skye at night, that also means additional pumping session for me. Nagwala na ko one night nung pagod na pagod na ako. As in I was crying. I was so tired already. I was so stressed out. That's also the "low output week" so I'm so burnt out. The next day, they overfeed the baby! 22 freakin' oz in 10hrs!!! Ze bebe's so fussy that night. So bloated. I cried even more. Bawal nilang lahat hawakan ang anak ko. Inis na inis ako. Inubos ang stash. 8oz lang nauwi ko that time. Sobrang nakakainis.

Anyway, Mila saw the effect of overfeeding the baby so she swore never to allow anybody to do it again. And that also means additional job for me coz now, I transfer the milk into the bottle every morning. 3oz per bottle. I'd leave 4 bottles so that's 12oz. Now they know that they need to space out the feeding para umabot until pag uwi ko. And no more sayang na milk. Okay na din even if it means additional work for me. Ganyan ata talaga. Balagoong ang nanay. :)

So now all is well. All is well. I am gradually increasing Skye's milk into 1.5oz/day. They are finding it difficult to pacify her. So ang solusyon daw bundatin ang bata. Okay na din. That's a challenge for me to pump some more pero okay na din. I am just happy that is whole breastfeeding journey is a success. So far. So far everything is okay. And I wish kayanin talaga namin. :)



  1. Cristina VeronJune 18, 2014

    Hi Mommy Reigne,

    Great job in pumping and pursuing breastfeeding for Skye. I understand that it's not a piece of cake lang to pump. I've been there before. I am a preschool teacher at and a proud mom of two lovely kids. Sa experience ko before wala masyado milk sa simula. But then I also tried what you tried kasi I really wanted my children to go on breastfeeding kasi according to my mom and doctor mas healthy and di sakitin ang bata pag galing sa mother mismo ang milk nya and luckily ngkaroon din ako ng milk but the problem naman later on is it won't stop agad so I have to transfer them din sa feeding bottles and keep them for immediate consumption para di din masira pero I also have to monitor din baby's daily consumption kasi masama din yung ma overfeed sya ng milk.

  2. reigningstillJune 18, 2014

    Hi Cristina! The sacrifices we do for kids. :) Super hirap talaga but we do it for them kaya worth it. My baby is so healthy and happy.

  3. Cristina VeronJune 19, 2014

    Yes, that's why we are super moms! =) I'm glad that you have a healthy and happy baby. Cheers to us moms!


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