Cape Bojeador Lighthouse (Burgos, Ilocos Norte)

Allaine, Gelo, Cath, Paolo, Ad, Me and Kalli (the photog)
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is our first stop in Ilocos, right after we left Vigan. We just have this list of the places to visit on our itinerary and Allaine and Ad are tasked to be our human GPS (pero actually, salamat yun sa Galaxy Note ni Ad as sa super fast 3G of Smart). That’s one thing cool about travelling with this bunch, we all have assigned tasks. Yet, everything’s still an adventure because we all don’t know where to go. Parang “whatever happens”. We’ll cover as much as we can but we’re not in a hurry. Adventure talaga! I must say that my Ilocos Trip would always be one of the most memorable trips I’ve had. And the most fun.


Ilocos is really a beautiful place. I’ve visited Cape Bolinao a couple of years back but Cape Bojeador has a different feel. Like I’ve time travelled to the past and yet stayed on the present. The place was beautiful. Although getting there is difficult. There are stairs to climb and we even had to park a little far from the place because its packed and the road is narrow. Nevertheless, it was so worth it.


There’s a very small museum of some sorts inside that’ll tell you all about Cape Bojeador. It was fun reading some of them and we goof around the replica of the lighthouse. Oh diba? Educational tour eto!


Of course, after checking out the place, its now time for some photo ops. :) Everything is picture perfect really. All of us can’t help but snap away. Even if its so hot.


Eh mawawala ba naman ang jump shot?? That’s Ad and Gelo doing our version of Lighthouse jumpshot. Ako kumuha nyan! Ahem! Ahem!

It’s us as we try to pose like a pro in one of the hallways. (L) That’s the boys doing some more jump shots! Saya ng jumpshot ni Paolo! Nakakainggit. (R)

No more jumpshots for us girls. We just smiled our hearts out as we try to capture Cape Bojeador on the background.


Mga hindi camwhore nung una ang mga kasama ko. Pero papayag ba naman ako?? I ask them to pose on different angles. And luckily for me, they gave in. May kasama ako sa kaartehan ko. Nyay! I have the most supportive bunch of friends. Nyay!

Talikod-genic. Drama-drama din pag may time! Hahahahaha! I hope you guys are reading this. Nyahahaha…Can’t wait for CDO!!!! (Random: We are booked for CDO this coming July)
Wacky shot.
But of course, here’s my look shot Ilocos Version… Look at the gorgeous air-cooling system of the top! Perfect for a hot day in Ilocos. :)

Got my magic belt where I put all of our money for the entire trip. Magic belt coz that’s where I put everything – the receipts, my phone, my camera (hanging as you can see) and a whole lot of other things. That belt bag is my travel best friend.


Minimal accessories and comfy slip-ons to protect my feet from the wear and tear of tourist spot hopping. :) I think, I should have done my usual blogger pose. Mukha akong bata dito eh! Fail! Medyo mahiyain pa kasi ako nyan. Pa-simple lang mga outfit shots ko.

Pilipinas Shirt: borrowed from G.p | Shorts: RRJ | Sunnies: Ray-ban | Slip-ons: Bench | Belt Bag: Blue Magic | Beaded Bracelet from Ansang | Mantra Bracelet | Avon Strappy Bra
Of course, a talikod-genic pose to show you the pretty cut out of my top. Air-conditioning to the highest level!

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