The Last Part of my Cebu Day Tour

Oh! I’m sorry for being MIA these past few days. I had a really busy week at work that I can’t squeeze anything other than a couple hours of sleep. Plus! These nasty colds I’ve got is really putting me down. But anyways, I’m back with a vengeance so pardon me if I’ll bombard you with lotsa posts! \m/
So before I end up blabbering again like I usually do, let me get back to the original topic. The final leg of my Cebu adventure!
After that sumptuous lunch we had at Pino Inasal, we continued with our day tour by visiting some of the tourist spots in Cebu City itself. Kristina has been teasing us during lunch that we’ll be visiting the US and China after lunch. And that we must have our passports ready. Brianna, that very pretty aussie kid, immediately went to her mom and with worried face says “I don’t have my passport with me mom. I left it at the hotel!” That made us all laugh, I tell you! :-) Kids… oh how I love them!
Anyway, we later found out why Kristina said we’d be leaving Philippines for our next destination. She actually meant we’ll be going to Beverly Hills!!
Oooppss! Beverly Hills, Cebu City that is! Where the Philippine Taoist Temple is located. I’ve been hearing about this place and saw a couple of pics on other blogs so I have an idea already. However, I’m still amazed at how gorgeous the place is.
There is a sign at there telling all tourist to avoid speaking loud or causing noise while on the Temple. And they are very strict in not allowing tourists to take photos of their saints and of the praying area thus keeping the place holy.
I am simply overwhelmed with the beauty and the grandeur of the place. Definitely worth a visit.
Our next stop is the Cebu Heritage Monument. It’s actually just a plaza of some sorts depicting the best of Cebu. They have sculptures of the famous Cebuanos. Some sculptures show some of Cebu’s history. It’s really like Cebu on it’s finest and Cebu History in one glance.
I, however, love the photos that G.p took while here! Take a look and tell me your thoughts.
Right across Cebu Heritage Monument, we checked out the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House. Believed to be one of the oldest house in the Philippines. Built almost 300 yrs. ago!
This is definitely my favorite among all the other tourist spots we’ve been that day. I love seeing things right from the Spanish era. The Yap-Sandiego’s house showcases the best of the Spanish era. Showing and displaying antiques and some relics.
After that amazing time travel we had at the house, we then headed to Magellan’s Cross and the Sto. Nino de Cebu Church. It’s really great that I finally saw 2 of Cebu City’s most popular tourist spot.
Right across Magellan’s cross is the Cebu City Municipal Hall or Provincial Hall (I’m not sure! bwahaha). So I also took a quick snapshot.
It’s a Sunday when we went there so there are a lot of devoted Catholics in the area. Also, there is an on-going mass when we arrived so it was almost impossible to take nice shots. :-) However, I took the opportunity to buy my baby bro a Sto. Nino. Something my Mama love so much.
So that concludes my Cebu Day Tour. :-) Had so much fun and really learned loads about Cebu. I’m so thankful I booked for Cebu Trip Tours. They made my stay in Cebu fun, safe and affordable. Thanks also to Kristina, our very reliable guide for being such a sweetheart!
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