Review: Pino Inasal (Part 2 of my Cebu Day Tour)

After that awesome morning at the Mactan Island, Cebu Trip Tours brought us to Pino Inasal for our lunch. Lunch by the way is included on the Php1200 per pax tour that we got from Diplomat Hotel.


I was not really expecting too much for our lunch. It’s just stated on our itinerary that our tour includes buffet lunch. But considering the rate package, Php 1200 ONLY, I was only thinking it’s on some so-so restaurant.

Jonathan’s father, Julian (in pink t-shirt and white shorts) and the Australians (in blue).
So imagine how impressed I am upon seeing Pino Inasal! And when we entered, I was definitely awed.


The place defines luxury perfectly. The interiors reminds so much of those 5-star hotel restaurants here in Manila. It’s not cramped like the normal restaurants and I love that they have these long tables. Perfect for big groups really.


The moment we entered, we were immediately ushered to our long table. We got settled in while some opted to freshen up before heading  to the buffet table. So, G.p and I got the chance to check out the restaurant’s powder room. And guess what? The powder room is uberly sosyal! It even has couch inside. Definitely very posh!

The hallway going to the powder room.

The lavatory and sink. Very Victorian. The entire restaurant, and yes even the powder room, is VERY MUCH GOLD.


After our quick tour of the powder room, G.p and I headed to the buffet table which is located on the side of the restaurant. They’ve got a wide variety of food to choose from. Beef, calamares, chicken, even Tinola (though I was not able to try Tinola because G.p won’t get me a bowl of this love. hmp! tamad much!)

Our “Family”! :-) We have a long table and it’s fun eating with these lot.

The food is great! I specially love the fish fillet with sauce (don’t ask me what it is, I really don’t know!) and the calamares. Dinuguan is also yummy. And the desserts are all awesome. I was not able to get a picture of MY dessert so I ask Kristina to let me take a shot of her dessert. Haha!

My plate! :-) All diet and weight problem forgotten. Even the rice is yummy!
G.p’s plate. I guess she must have liked what she saw on the buffet because she seldom eat this much!
Kristina’s dessert plate. 
What I love about their dessert is that they are not uber sweet. You could really eat much without worrying if you’ll have tonsillitis the next day.

After the yummy lunch, we then went back to our van to continue with our Cebu day tour. :)

While waiting for our van. :-) Chilin’ outside the resto.
The JOY of having your own tour guide! Look how caring Kristina is! She always make sure that we’re safely seated on the van. That lady is a charmer and an angel.

If you want to try Cebu Trip Tours you may contact them here. They offer Cebu City-Mactan tour for only Php1200 per pax including lunch. Not bad really! And they have the best tour guides ever.

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