Review: Dreame H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Posted about this investment (yes, investment talaga to kasi di sya mura mga mumshies) a couple of months ago and now I could finally do a full review!

My overall rating? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I contemplated on getting this vacuum cleaner because heck! It’s way expensive for me! I was just supposed to get another Deerma Spray Mop on Shopee but ended up falling in love with Dreame H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner!

I did my research and watched several videos. And I went for it since Shopee had a huge sale and I got it at a discounted price. Then when I posted it, apparently one of my bestfriend actually have the same unit, well they got the H11 Max version which is more powerful and has some extra bells and whistles. But I went for the cheaper version because honestly, it’s all I need!

This is probably one of my best purchase this year and I am so glad I got it! I honestly can’t live without it now. Here’s why:

  1. I have 2 kids. And you know what it means. Kalat everywhere. While I have an old dry vacuum they are only good for dust or my bread crumbs. But on times when the kids would spill water, milk, or juice pahirapan talaga. I used to have a spray mop but I need to clean it off first before spray mopping the floor. Hassle! With this, diretso na! Mop the mess whether it’s wet or dry and it’ll vacuum it off and mop the floor at the same time!
  2. I recently got a puppy and I swear it is a life AND sanity saver! It allows me to clean the mess really fast and easy.
  3. Self cleaning! One of the things that I find really hard with using my spray mop is the fact that I have to wash the cleaning cloth all the freakin’ time. I mean, I know it’s easy to do so but if you are a single working mum with 2 kids, 1 puppy and a truckload of work tasks - heaven talaga yung after mo maglinis, isang pindot lang ang paglilinis nung vacuum mo! After that, itsa sa toilet and flush!
  4. Really convenient. The charging/cleaning dock is very useful. After using, balik lang sa dock and auto charge na sya. You know na laging full-batt sya everytime gagamitin mo.
  5. At first, I find the vacuum too wet. Since I have kids, importante sken that mabilis matuyo ang sahig because the kids are always running around the house. But I was able to easily solve that issue by removing the clean water tank while using it. So when I need to an extra wet mop, I’d install the clean water tank and if hindi naman then I’d remove it lang. Easy peasy.
  6. The customer service is really awesome! I messaged their IG and Shopee account about my issue nga of it being too wet for my liking. The CS are too nice and really explained to me how it works. They sent videos pa on how it really works. Ang bilis din mag respond. Super okay.

I spent a couple of months with this vacuum before posting my review to ensure na talagang gamit na gamit ko muna sya before I’d recommend it. Di kasi sya mura diba? But honestly, for me it’s soooo worth it!!

I’d probably post a separate blog to share how I use this on a daily basis and how it makes my life easy. Probably some more hacks as well to keep your vacuum clean and well-maintained.

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