TimeFlys Crown Baby Monitor and Why This Mum Is Loving It

We live in a studio type condominium. Practically tiny. But I still find it annoying that I can't do anything else when the little boy is sleeping at the bed.

I had to place him on his little rocker and move him wherever I go. Which is sometimes ridiculous since that'll wake him up. But I thought that's the only option I got.

So when I received this TimeFlys Crown Baby Monitor, I was pleasantly surprised at how it made my life easy.

You see, this device is one of those I never thought I needed until I tried it. Now, I just can't live without it.

Now I could wash the dishes or even go to the toilet without checking the baby every so often.

Aside from the usual function of being able to monitor your child, TimeFlys Crown Baby Monitor shows the temperature of the room so I could adjust it as needed. It would even alert you if the temp is too high (more than 30C) or too love (less than 16C).

I could also play a lullaby and even turn on the night lamp via the parent unit.

I could talk to the baby and if there's someone with the baby, s/he could talk to me as well. More like walkie talkie.

I am glad to find out that it has passed quite a lot of safety standard certifications so I'm very sure that my son is safe.

And it is truly amazing because I was able to hear my son stirring. Just a tiny scratch and movement, and I could hear it right away. Which is crazy efficient!

Learned that this monitor was created and designed by a single father named Jack to has to take care of his two kids in 2002. And the company has sold more than 5million baby monitors already. A testament of their quality and effectiveness.

I know that baby monitors are not that popular here in the Philippines but believe me! We all need it. I live in a tiny condominium unit and it helped me loads, lalo na pag medyo mas malaki laki ang bahay diba?

It retails at 3200Php and you can get it from Babymama, The Parenting Emporium, The Nest Manila, Knots & Pans, and Rustans.

Promise, life changing ang TimeFlys Crown. Oh how I love it!

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