My Althea Christmas Wish List

I'm super busy wrapping gifts, checking my list twice, designing and printing out our Christmas gift tags. Making sure everybody we love get something for Christmas. But since I'm the one responsible for all the gift giving, mukhang ngangey na naman ako this Christmas! Hahahaha! #BuhayNanay

But if I could something, I think I'd love something from my favorite Korean Beauty online store - Althea Korea.

I think it's a known fact that I love them. I really think Korean beauty products suits me best as I find them light on the face and they really works!!

So here I am listing down my very own Althea Christmas Wish List and hoping that my friends and families are reading this. *wink*wink* 

Eversince I read Rowena (from raving about this product, naintriga na talaga ako. She says it's her new holy grail. Eh ang ganda ng skin nun eh. Plus I think this is sulit since it come with a refill already. So basically, you'd get 2 pcs of 15G cushion for that price. I haven't tried it, but based on reviews and raves, I think this is a must buy.

I don't use eye cream. I only use VCO on my under eye before I go to sleep. I'm lucky on the genes department I guess because I don't have visible lines on my eye area but I'm not rooting on the genes that much these days (or at my age). So I guess an eye cream is really a must have on my ritual. I'm eyeing this because it's made with green tea extract and shea butter. Ingredients that I am familiar with and know it works.

Ooohhh, this one I've tried and I must say that I love it! I have a really problematic hair - brittle and buhaghag and this one tamed my hair like a pro. Smells really good too! I'd love to have another bottle really soon. Major plus points because it's cheap. This is a must buy. No wonder it's always  on the Best Sellers list of Althea.

Now this one is a staple on my beauty drawer. I use this as make up remover or to simply cleanse my face. I always have a pack on my make up kit too for those days when I need to freshen up my face. Super cheap but really works well! Been using it for almost 2 years and I still love this. Highly recommended. (Read my review here.)

5. Chica-Y-Chico One Kill Eyeliner (290Php)

I have been looking for a really good eyeliner to replace my favorite one from Sephora. Based on the reviews, this one looks promising - waterproof, smudge-free, and super pigmented. Everything I love in an eyeliner.

6. I'm Meme I'm Multi Cube in All About Coral (910Php)

Made a major purge of all my make ups when I got pregnant. So all of my eye make ups we're given away since I don't want them to expire on my beauty drawer. Sayang naman! Now that I'm on my last leg of the pregnancy, I think it's time to stock up once again. This eye and blush palette is simple and perfect. I think I could maximize the use of this one kasi it only has the basics and the colors are super nice.

7. Dear, Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (1,300Php)

I've always been a BB cream kind of girl. I love the light coverage and the moisturizing effect. This Dear, Klair product looks promising as it offers a natural, flawless finish and a hydrating formula. Something that my dry skin would love. Very good reviews too! Yey!

8. Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway (480Php)

Of course, the Althea Petal Sunaway is a must have. This light, all natural sunscreen is just perfect for me. And we all know how much we need sunblock!

9. Peripera Ink The Airy Velvet (420Php)

I am now a fan of lip tints. I think it's every busy girl's best friend. Lip tints are so easy to use and can be used as a cheek tint as well. If you want a little color for that quick grocery trip, this is the way to go. I've heard a lot of good review about Peripera and I wanna try it!

10. The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Baby & Kids Mild Moisturizer (800Php)

Okay, if you've been reading me since forever you all know that I have a dry skin. And everything that moisturizes my skin is a must have on my beauty drawer. I saw this product that promises a gentle all-over moisturizer that deeply hydrates and soothes the skin. Major plus because it is formulated for baby's delicate skin. Coz yeah! I also have a very sensitive skin. So yey for this.

So that's it! My Top 10 picks from Althea. Although if I could have every single product from Althea, I'd take them all too. Nyahahaha! Narrowing it down to 10 is soooo hard! How about you? What are your favorites from Althea? Have you tried some products from my list? Let me know!!!          

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