How To Treat and Prevent Head Lice Infestation - Keep Your Child Kuto-Free

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Last year, I had a "kuto issue" with the #FabSkye. You see, her yaya has kuto and so alam nyo na! Nahawa ang bagets!!! OMG! I'm so stressed. Because we all know that once there is kuto in the house, hawa hawa na sya forevs!

And I really can't stand stand kuto or head lice. I mean, no talaga! I grew up thinking that if you have kuto, you are:
  1. Dugyot. Mabaho. Dirty.
  2. Bobo. Yes, Mila would always tell me na nakakabobo ang kuto because it sucks all the blood and nutrients na dapat para sa brain.
  3. Only monkeys have kuto. Note that you tend to scratch so much if you have head lice right? So scratching = monkey! Galing din yan sa nanay ko. Nyahaha!
But then again, the Yaya is so nice and very love si Skye so I thought, kuto I can handle but yaya problems? I cannot!

Dealing With Kuto

So my Anti-Kuto Program began!
  1. We all know that nakakahawa ang kuto. So the first thing I did is buy LiceAliz for all of us. Yes, all of us. Including the yaya. Because it's nakakahawa nga and you wouldn't know if meron ka na pala.
  2. We cleaned and disinfect the house. The bed covers are changed and disinfected. The pillows, the covers. Lahat. Even our comb and hairbrush, lahat binuhusan ng mainit na tubig.
  3. I bought suyod and had all of us suyod our hair.
  4. Kinukutuhan ko ang bagets everyday. Yes. Everyday. This is not really nice specially for a 2 year old but I have to make sure that she don't have kuto anymore. And yes, kinukutuhan ko din si yayey. Tyagaan lang talaga because if I don't treat her as well, iikot lang ang kuto sa bahay.
  5. I would spray diluted tea tree oil on all of our hair to keep it kuto-free. Yes. Even if wala ng kuto, make sure that you still spray it on your hair or ihalo sa shampoo to keep the kuto away from your head.
Kuto is so stressful talaga. Especially since the yaya would go home sa kanila and there's still kuto in their home so balik balik lang talaga.

Also, when our Ate Yssa went home with us early this year, may uwi din syang kuto!

And honestly, this kuto issues are serious problems ah. Did you know that in the US parang they had an epidemic issue of Super Head Lice. As in those kuto na hindi napapatay ng mga anti-head lice shampoo. For them they consider it an outbreak if there are more kids na may kuto because it's nakakahawa nga.

Kilusang Kontra Kuto

So I'm very happy when I learned that there is Kilusang Kontra Kuto.

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It's a project by Lamoiyan Corporation (makers of LiceAliz), Department of Education, UPM College of Public Health and our very own Mommy Bloggers Philippines.

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This project aims to educate the kids, the parents and the teachers about head lice prevention and treatment.

They have activation projects wherein they visit different public schools and would give free shampooing sessions to the kids to help prevent and treat kuto.

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I also learned that Lamoiyan Corporation has been very generous in providing free LiceAliz samples to DepEd na pinamimigay nila sa mga public schools all over the country.

During the activation project, we saw several kids have their shampoo session followed by suyod. Grabe! There are kids na talagang super dami ng kuto. Nakakakilabot. I can't imagine how they could study and function properly kung ganun kadami ang alaga nila sa ulo.

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I mean, when the #FabSkye had kuto, she was scratching her head ng bongga to the point na nagsusugat na. Kawawa!

So I really can't imagine how those kids could still function properly with all those kuto on their heads. Plus, for sure nagkakahawaan na yan sa classroom! The horror!

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During the program we learned loads of stuff about kuto.

  1. Head lice could produce 100 eggs! And they hatch every 7 days.
  2. A head lice that is not on the human head could live for 3 days. So if you have head lice on your pillows, may 3 days sila bago makahanap ng new head to conquer.
  3. Main reason for having head lice is if you got near a person with head lice. Close contact. Like if your head gets super close with someone with head lice, like if you share pillows. If someone with head lice rode your car tapos sumandal sa upuan and the head lice stays on your car (ew!). If you borrow hair brush or comb or cap from someone with head lice. Mga ganern.
  4. Head lice don't have wings so di sila lumilipad. Di totoo na ililipad ka nya sa Timbuktu.
  5. Head lice infestation is a serious health problem. Because you scratch too much if you have head lice, pwede ma infect ang scratches that could lead to more serious issues.
  6. Ang taas ng head lice infestation sa Pilipinas. Visayaz has the highest, almost 90% ata. In Metro Manila, 50+% of household have head lice infestation. Ang dami!!
  7. The issue is more common to kids ages 4-10 years old.
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Programs such as this one is really important. Some parents tend to overlook head lice issue and would think that it's normal to have head lice or that it would eventually go away. Some also think that a simple shampoo is enough. But no!!


Head lice should be treated with lice shampoo like LiceAliz. Aside from that, we should also always have head lice prevention measures. Kasi nga masyadong mataas ang head lice infestation sa Pinas. So madali talaga mahawa.

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LiceAliz is a non toxic head lice treatment shampoo for children and adults. You could use it on kids 1 year old and above. Kaya nga this is the head lice shampoo we used last year. The others kasi are super tapang. Nakakatakot gamitin sa mga bata.

Super easy to use, just shampoo it on your hair and scalp, leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse. It is clinically proven to kill lice and nits (kuto at lisa). So far, it is effective on our Ate Yssa. Her head lice infestation is recurring kasi nga may mga classmates with kuto.

You use LiceAliz twice a week for head lice treatment and once a week for prevention. Ang mali ko talaga is we stop using LiceAliz pag wala ng head lice si Ate. Mali pala! Kelangan nga pala ng prevention because nga her classmates have kuto and nahahawa talaga sya. So ayun, if nahawa sya, nauuwi ang kuto sa bahay. Kaloka!

LiceAliz should be a staple at home specially if you have kids. Kasi you never know kung ano ang meron sa mga ulo ng kalaro nila.

How about you mums? Have you had kuto issues? Share!!!

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