Times are really changing. Us millennials are mega-different from our parents. Kaya nga most of the time, they don’t get us. Did you know that there are actual studies about the millennial behaviors and how to cope up with us?

I should know! When I attended a leadership training recently, one of the major topic we discussed is how to deal with the millennials. These outspoken, active, always on the go bunch. Tayo yung generation na hindi pwede yung “pwede na.

We are more passionate, you can see it everywhere. In politics, in religion, in business – millennials always have a say. We are the generation that strive for excellence. Pag millennial Nanay, asahan mo, nagbabasa yan ng isandamakmak na libro at articles online on how to take care of kids. Member din yan ng iba’t ibang groups to share and learn from fellow millennial mums. Totoo ngang we are the #NextLevelYou.

And because of that, our trusted brand in skin care – Nivea, also upped their game when it comes to their deo.

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I was invited on the launch of Nivea’s #NextLevelDeo and I was one of the lucky ones who took home the latest deo offering of Nivea. The lovely managers of Nivea also discussed everything we need to know about the product and how it could help us become our #NextLevelYou.

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What is a Deo Serum?

Nivea introduces the first deo serum here in the Philippines through their latest deo product. A deo serum has high concentrations of active ingredients and has smaller molecules to penetrate deeper into the skin making it the best form of deo out there.

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Nivea launched 2 products under the Deo Serum line.

Nivea Extra White Serum

Nivea Extra White Serum has 10X more vitamin C, translucent micro emulsion base for deep and quick absorption allowing it effectively and evenly whitens underarms in as quick as 5 days. This quick absorbing deo with a 48-hour anti-perspirant protection is dermatologically proven effective. It has no alcohol, no colorants or preservatives. 8 out 10 women agree that it’s waaaay better than their current whitening deo. That’s how effective it is.

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Nivea White & Firm Q10 Deo Serum

Nivea White & Firm Q10 Deo Serum has Q10 which whitens, smoothens and firms up loose, sagging underarm skin. This one perfect for those who pluck or wax their underarms that would usually result to loose skin. It is a milky, micro-emulsion protection that lasts up to 48-hours. Like all other Nivea products it is dermatologically proven with no alcohol, no colorants or preservatives.

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Our underarms are really super important. And we should give them the much needed TLC.

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I am sharing this very apt poem for all young girls out there! For my co-millenials. May this inspire you to be a better version of yourself always.

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Nivea Extra White Deo Serum comes in 40ml roll-on (114php), 20ml roll-on (69php) and 100ml spray (189php) while Nivea Extra White & Firm Q10 Deo Serum comes in 40ml roll-on (119php) and 20ml roll-on (74php). They are available on all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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