My First Chinese New Year Experience at Chinatown Lai Lai Hotel

First and foremost, sorry for the long hiatus. If you are following me on twitter or if we are friends on Facebook, then you are probably aware that I had issues with my home internet connection. It’s still not yet fixed but at least there are some improvement. I could now upload pictures on flickr, yey! Though it took me 2 hours just to upload this set but yeah. Still better than nothing (NOT!). Anyway, enough with the rant let’s move on…

Last 07 February, I was invited by Chinatown Lai Lai Hotel to join the Chinese New Year festivities in Binondo. It was my first time to actually witness first-hand the Chinese New Year at the heart of Chinatown. It was soooo much fun.

Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (5)

There are dragon dances everywhere. Stage set up are everywhere. There are long lines on the fried siopao stores. And tikoy is overflowing.

Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (4)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (3)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (2)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (1)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (17)

Aside from the Chinese New Year, Chinatown Lai Lai Hotel is also celebrating their grand opening and media launch on that day. They showed us the rooms and amenities they have on the hotel.

They have spa, videoke rooms, function rooms. They also have deluxe, twin rooms, executive rooms. They are newly renovated so everything is new.

Here are some of the photos of the rooms and some amenities.

Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (12)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (11)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (10)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (8)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (6)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (16)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (15)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (14)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (7)

I love their bathroom. They have rain shower heads, so yay! And everything is new. As in pristine new and clean.

Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (9)Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (13)

So if you ever find yourself needing a place to stay at the heart of Manila or if you simply want a relaxing staycation, go and try Lai Lai Hotel. And oh before I forgot, they do feng shui on you by asking for your birthdate and then they will assign you to the room that’s perfect for you according to feng shui. So you’d feel really relaxed. It’s probably the only hotel here in Manila who does that. So cool!

Lai-Lai-Hotel-Chinatown (18)
With Nanay Nadia, my event buddy.

For inquiries and reservations, please visit or call (+632) 252-2888 and look for Jeffrey Tee or Apple Castro.

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