Boyfriend Jeans on my Toddler

hm-baby-girl-fashion-fabskye (3)hm-baby-girl-fashion-fabskye (4)

I know you miss this. The #FabSkye #OOTB!

Oh my! Oh uh! (Skye’s favorite expressions now)

hm-baby-girl-fashion-fabskye (9)

Look at her, look at my baby. She’s all grown up. She looks so dalaga already. I can’t keep up!

She wore this on a weekend trip to the mall. Boyfriend jeans, muscle sleeves and slip ons. Sooo cute. So dalaga. Her hair is also long now. Well, not really long but long enough to be put on a messy bun. Hihihi!

By the way, the slip ons she was wearing here is super cheap. I got it for 100php on Divisoria during one of our trip there for her flower girl dress fitting. Isn’t it cute? Promise nagsisi ako that I didn’t buy all the colors available.

hm-baby-girl-fashion-fabskye (2)hm-baby-girl-fashion-fabskye (1)hm-baby-girl-fashion-fabskye (10)hm-baby-girl-fashion-fabskye (8)hm-baby-girl-fashion-fabskye (7)hm-baby-girl-fashion-fabskye (6)hm-baby-girl-fashion-fabskye (5)What: Sleeveless Onesie (worn as top): H&M | Pants: EST. 89 | Slipons: Divisoria
When: 09 January 2016 (22months)

Cuteness overload!! I swear I super love dressing her up now. She looks adorable. If only I could take her pictures better. This little snitch is super likot. Endless energy. I couldn’t keep up. Super tiring but super fun.

At 22 months she could now sing. She could identify colors. She memorize dance moves. She loves Frozen (Let It Go, on Skye language) and Minnie. She also loves DJ (Daniel Padilla) to the core. As in with matching kilig. Kaloka the way she reacts every time she sees DJ on TV and posters around the mall. If she’s having a bad day, just show her a pic of DJ and she’d be fine. She swoons on her iPad wallpaper everytime she opens it. Simply because it’s DJ. Hahahaha! San ba nagmana tong batang to? She also loves dogs. I will tell you why and she loves dogs on future posts. But promise, the way she loves dogs, OA talaga.

She’s growing up to be a very nice young lady. I am so proud of her.

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