It's Christmas on the ReigningHousehold!

Last weekend, the ReigningTatay and I braved the crazy Manila traffic to shop for a Christmas Tree. Yep! A Christmas Tree.

Last year, I promised myself that we'll start our very own Christmas tradition this year for the #FabSkye. I want her to have wonderful memories of Christmas. Ewan ko. But I am really excited for her. I want her to see Christmas as a wonderful time of the year. And I remember as a kid, I've always been awed by huge Christmas Trees. Yung may gift sa ilalim?

So when I was in college and is earning enough from my small business, I got a 3 foot tall white Christmas tree. We've used that for years. And I love it. But I really want a huge tree. Nasa pangarap ko sya that I never thought would happen coz our house is small.


A 6-foot tall Gold and Silver themed Christmas Tree. :)

Medyo halata bang mas excited ako? Harhar! Pangarap ko to teh!!!

Every night, I would turn off the lights and lit the tree. Ang saya! Nakaka good vibes. We would open a Christmas Song playlist on spotify, use our Altec Lansing speaker, and listen to Christmas songs as a family. Ang saya saya!

We want the more upbeat songs coz the baby would dance on them. Christmas really has a new meaning for me now. Ibang iba from what it used to be.

Christmas has always been my favorite. I've always been excited for Christmas. Kahit na nung matanda na ko and Christmas would equate to gastos already. Masaya pa din ako. Favorite ko pa din sya. Iba padin yung happiness associated with it. Tagos sa lungs.

But now I am more excited. While buying those Christmas tree decors nga, the sales lady says "nakakatuwa ka naman ma'am, parang excited na excited ka". And I said OO! Bonggang excited ako. Because I have a baby.

Then after putting up the tree, eto ang itsura ng mag-ama ko...

Partida, our little girl is sick pa that time. Look at her mouth, maga pa because she's growing her canines. Iba pala pag yun ang tumutubo. Masakit for the baby.

Anyway, I'll show you another pic of the tree pag may gifts na sa ilalim! Excited na ko!!!

Are you done with your shopping? Ako hindi pa! Kaloka!

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