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This is an old set of photos. She’s just starting to learn how to walk here. Now, I could barely keep up! Crazy!

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Here we are at our favorite store, Gingersnaps. Actually, the #FabSkye is wearing an all Gingersnaps ensemble here except for the doll shoes.

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When: 01 May 2015 

Where: Weekend at the mall. 
What: Ribbon, Top & Lace Shorts: Gingersnaps | Doll Shoes: H&M

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First and foremost, I’d like to set the records straight – this is not a sponsored post. However, I wanna share with you some of my trusted stores when it comes to baby clothes.

I am very particular with the clothes that I make my daughter wear. It should be comfy, stylish and safe. Me and the ReigningTatay would always check the fabric and the design of the clothes. Sometimes, in our lame attempt to make our babies look fashyown, we tend to forget that they are babies. They are sensitive. ( Read: Tips on Dressing Up Your Baby)

And so I would like to share my very trusted stores. So far they are the ones that really deliver. Super high quality clothes, comfortable and stylish. I would like to add that they are reasonably priced as well but since price is subjective, bahala na lang kayo to decide if its worth it.

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Gingersnaps is a local brand. I remember reading about them years ago. I’m not sure if its on Daphne’s blog. Anyway, according to that write up, Gingersnaps only use high quality fabrics and very safe for children. The fabrics doesn’t have harmful chemicals. This is our favorite store. Their clothes are very nice. The fabrics are breezy and comfy. You could really trust them on providing high quality clothes. The pieces that Skye own are still very nice even with repeated washing. Take note, we are using washing machine.

Most of all, I love that they are very stylish. The designs are really fit for kids and babies. One of my pet peeves are babies wearing clothes that make them not look like their age. Babies and kids are supposed to look like one.

They are not really cheap though. So I would usually hoard when they are on sale. Anyway, their styles are timeless. So even their off season items are still stylish.


This is another trusted brand. They also offer comfy clothes and high quality ones. The onesies I got for Skye last year are still in excellent condition. Magagamit pa ni Enchang, my future niece. Some of Skye’s dresses are also from this brand. Very stylish too. I love that they have nice staff. As in super helpful.


I love this brand because they are reasonably priced and of good quality. Plus we all know that H&M really offers stylish items. The latest trend and the likes. I specifically adores their shoe line. As in! Most of Skye’s most trusted shoes are from H&M, like the doll shoes she’s wearing here. That’s one of my frustrations actually. Most of the shoes available locally are “baby shoes”. I can’t explain it, but those that really look like a baby shoes complete with flowers galore or hello kitty, etc. Ugh! Did you know that shoes could make or break an outfit? So please be very careful in choosing the shoes for your babies and tots. Check out H&M’s line up. They offer really stylish ones and very comfortable too.


I love the dresses from this brand! Skye’s tutu dresses are from here. I got them on sale and they are really really pretty. The fabrics are super nice too. Their tutu dresses are soft and gentle on baby’s skin. Some of the tutu dress I see from other stores are rough. No no for my baby’s delicate skin.


This is another store where I’d usually get Skye’s dresses. They offer really pretty dresses. They are a bit pricey though but really worth it. Their styles are perfect for babies too.

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There you go! :) Now you know where I would usually get my little fashionistas sartorial pieces. How about you? Any other brands I might miss out? What would you recommend?

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