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The ReigningTatay and I have been looking for our perfect wedding ring. We promised that after the baby, our next step would be getting married. I know our timeline is kinda messed up, but hey! That’s life. Hehe!

So when I received a small package from our friends from, I was ecstatic. Inside the small black box is this pretty Swirl Swarovski Inlay Yellow Gold Wedding Bands.

This pair is a genuine titanium ring with Swarovski crystals. It is hypoallergenic with anti-rust and anti-fade properties plus it’s nickel-free. I checked out the website and they offer lifetime warranty!! Lifetime warranty!! Wow! They must’ve believed on their product so much to offer a lifetime warranty, right?

Plus they offer free shipping anywhere in the Philippines and allow meet ups around Metro Manila so you could check out the actual product before buying it. No wonder they are the most liked jewelry shop in the Philippines.

They offer engagement rings, wedding rings and men’s rings. And all are beautifully designed. The price is very competitive, taking into consideration the quality and the look of the jewelry. Super sulit!

I have been wearing my ring for a week now and I love it. No tarnishing. Not fading at all even if I’m wearing it while I’m on swimming lessons. No allergies and I am telling you, I am very sensitive to jewelries. Sobra. I could attest that their rings are really of high quality. Kaya pala maka-lifetime warranty, wagas.

Go and check out their website They’re on SALE!!

I am eyeing this gorgeous engagement ring (ehem! Tatay!) and another pair of wedding rings for Mila and Papa’s 32nd wedding anniversary this coming July.

By the way, you could also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. I've heard quite the good reviews about this jewelry maker and would totally check out once I settled with a wedding coordinator to plan out my wedding.


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