JOHNSON’S® So Much More™ Global Campaign

Last February 5, our friends from Nuffnang and JOHNSON’S® invited me, some other bloggers and the media for JOHNSON’S® So Much More™ Global Campaign at R Spaces in Makati.


I’m a JOHNSON’S® baby myself so when I received the invite, I know it’s something I’d like to attend. I have been using JOHNSON’S® baby lotion and milk bath for as long as I could remember. JOHNSON’S® is one of the reasons why I have smooth skin despite being prone to dryness. So this is a brand I truly trust.


The event was hosted by co-mummy blogger and celebrity – Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio who’s very stunning in her yellow dress. Her son is only a month older than Skye. And she already looks like that. Life is unfair! Nyahahaha!

Johnson's-So-Much-More-Global-Campaign-PhilippinesDr. Joselyn Alonzo-Eusebio, MD (Developmental-behavioral Pediatrician) | Dr. Theresa Hilario-Jimenez (President, Perinatal Assoc. of the Phils.) | Dr. Salvador Valenzuela Castaneda, MD (Bathologist, Research & Development for Johnson&Johnson’s) | Dr. Arun Viswanath (Science & Tech Head, Givaudan Fragrances Asia Pacific)

At the event, 4 doctors did a talk about the importance of sensory stimulation on child development. It was really an event that I am very glad I did attend coz I learned A LOT. And because I love you, my dear ReigningReaders, I am sharing it with you.

  • Did you know that sensory experiences stimulate brain development? We need to stimulate the baby’s 5 senses for better brain development.
  • That sensory experiences start as early as pregnancy. Diba nga we make our baby listen to Mozart para daw maging matalino? Although I didn’t really do it. I made Skye listen to the Frozan soundtrack because she loves it! But really. Just talking to your baby, touching your tummy – those are simple things we do (sensory experiences) that is actually helping their brain development.
  • The crucial stage of brain development is from pregnancy till toddler years. Simple things like giving them a bath, rocking them as they sleep, breastfeeding them, giving them a massage,talking to them – all of those are helping them on their development.
  • Bath time is a chance for baby to play, learn and grow. Because Bath Time is So Much More™. And 96% of parents in the Philippines believe that but most do not know that bath time can also help their child’s brain development.
  • Bath time is a special activity with their child, it’s a good bonding time. And I am a firm believer of this.
  • According to studies, Philippines has the shortest bath duration compared to 6 other countries – 15minutes. Sabi ni Rica baka naman daw 15 mins nga pero 3 times a day naman. They are wondering why it’s such knowing that we are a country of bath time addicts. But I think I know why – because we believe in “lamig”. Diba? I think Skye’s bath time is around 10mins tops. Mila’s so afriad of giving her longer bath time dahil daw baka sipunin at malamigan ang katawan. Nyahahaha! So I told Mila that she should give Skye longer bath time.
  • Bath Time is more that just cleaning time. We could also use it by doing multi-sensory stimulation for a happier and healthier baby. To improve weight gain and have better quality and quantity of sleep.
  • One of the most important things to a baby’s happy development is the TOUCH of her mum or caregiver or Lola! When you hugs your baby, give her a massage, touch her gently while giving her a bath or simple touching her back as she sleeps – those simple acts could actually help her brain development.
  • They made a study on 136 children in Romanian orphanages who was not able to get loving touch had diminished intellectual performance and cognitive development. A world without touch is a sad world. :(
  • Another important factor in bath time is the smell. Pleasant smells have been found to improve mood and calmness on babies.
  • We usually associate memories to smell.

Oh diba? Ang dami dami! I was able to learn a whole lot about bath time and stimulating baby’s senses. Totoo naman. A simple hug could mean so much. A simple bath time could mean so much. Actually, Skye’s bath time is also a learning time for her. Mila would usually utter Angel of God while giving Skye a bath then a nursery song. I also got Skye rubber ducky so could play while taking a bath. I love that Mila is really making an effort to make bath time a fun time for Skye. I remember when Skye was newborn, she would cry and cry everytime it’s bath time. Mila would tell me to breastfeed her muna and stop the bath time. Dati naiinis ako. I want the task done! But she told me that we shouldn’t make bath time a hellish experience for the baby. That we should adjust so the baby would be calmer as we give her a bath. I’m glad I listened! Coz now, Skye’s bath time are fun times. And I think it’s one of the reasons why she’s a happy baby.

I really really love this global campaign of JOHNSON’S®. Coz most of the time, us mums tend to see stuff like giving our children bath as tasks that should be accomplished pronto. But no! Every small things we do with our kid are the exact same things that would make up their personality, that would affect their development. That small actions could affect their lives. Because those are So Much More™.


Thank you Nuffnang and JOHNSON’S® for the invite. I really learned a lot! And oh! I was also interviewed live (via phone) by Home Radio. So yeah! My voice was heard all over the metro that day. When I told my cousins about it, sabi nila malamang daw madaming taxi ang nakarinig sa akin. Umi-interview na ang lola mo.

It’s the start of another week. Yay!! And Skye’s turning 1 in a couple of days. Wow!!!




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