Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt Super/Star Day Away @ The Greenery, Bulacan


Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt together with Nuffnang invited me, the ReigningTatay and #FabSkye on a fun weekend Day Away at the beautiful The Greenery in Bulacan.


Bloggers and the Nuffies met up at The Pancake House, BGC. We were served with yummy pancakes and the even more yummy, Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt Drink. Have I told you that I am a sucker for yogurt? Well, me and the entire family are actually great yogurt lovers. And the Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt Drink surely made our pancakes more enjoyable and healthy too!

Umaga palang, sulit na sulit na araw namin ng pamilya ko.


From BGC, we rode a bus that brought us to the scenic, The Greenery. It was a two hour ride and Skye’s first bus ride! Good thing I have a happy baby. She’s just literally smiling on everyone at the bus and would demand for dede from time to time. At least I know that she’ll be a great travel buddy. :)

Nestle and Nuffnang made sure we had a comfy ride. Snacks and bottled waters are served to us. And the bus is big and comfy. Feeling Super/Star talaga kami.


We arrived at The Greenery around lunchtime. It was scorching hot but the people at The Greenery are very attentive – we were given an umbrella right away especially since we have a baby in tow.


We we’re greeted by the nice Nestle people at The Greenery’s common hall. I love the table setup (though my pictures are not so nice). It speaks summer. With flowers and fruits as the centerpiece and sands and shells scattered on the table. It was chic and summer-y. I love it! I just wish I was able to capture nice photos. Ewan ko ba. My pictures are dim.


The event was hosted by the gorgeous and super nice, Kat Alano. Where we were introduced to Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt and their current promo. Which I’ll be telling you about on a separate post. So watch out for that. Exciting prices awaits so make sure you read up.

Update: Check this post to know how you can become a Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt Super/Star and get a chance to win a trip for 4 to Bali, Indonesia!!


Healthy lunch and snacks were served c/o of The Greenery. Everything was yummy. #FabSkye enjoyed the fresh fruits so much. She had apples and grapes. Yum. While me and ReigningTatay sure enjoyed our food. Sayang lang I was not able to take photos of the food. Ang hirap pala if you’re with the baby. I brought the ReigningTatay with us to help out sana kaso waley! Parang dalawang baby ang bitbit ko. I should have brought my Tita (Skye’s carer) with us.

And of course, we helped ourselves with unlimited serving of the Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt! It sure feels like I’m in yogurt heaven! :-D I had at least 2 helpings of every flavor. Grabe. And the good thing is that I don’t feel guilty at all. Yogurts are healthy, you know.


After lunch, there’s an activity for us bloggers. And a chance to roam around the venue. Although most of our time was spent on this cottage. We can’t really “roam” around because of the scorching heat. And with a baby, that’s just impossible. So we just enjoyed the stunning view of the infinity pool.


The Greenery is really beautiful :) As in! I wanna go back and stay overnight. And get married there. Hay!


And this is my favorite part of the day. Hahahaha! Playing with the baby by the pool. Ang saya! The #FabSkye sure had fun. with Nanay while wearing her cute swimsuit. Kahit hindi naman nag-swimming. Harhar!

IMG_4598 ** Photo grabbed from JacqWritesWorld.

And of course, my favorite part of every blogger event – meeting fellow bloggers! Here’s Jaqc of JacqWritesWorld. Such a nice lady. We were tablemates. And I’m so glad to be seated with them. She and her supportive husband are fun to talk to. No boring moments.

We all went home with a bag full of yogurts. Which my family wiped out in just a couple of days. Hanep! And they now have their own favorite flavor. So when we do the groceries, we just have to grab extra more yogurts for everyone.

Thank you so much Nestle and Nuffnang for inviting me and my family. And for letting me tag along my cutie baby. Grabe! the Nestle people are so nice promise! I hope to work with them again soon. *ehem*ehem*cough*cough*


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