Introducing Solid Food: The Baby Bullet System


Skye: FINALLY! Food!

On Skye’s 6th month birthday, we started giving her solids. That’s our birthday gift to our darling little one who’s been bugging us to feed her since she realized that eating seemed fun, around 4 months.

On her last pedia visit, we were told that we could start introducing solids once the baby is 6months old. You see, that’s the new recommended age by WHO – not 4 months. We were lucky coz our pedia is a breastfeeding advocate and promotes natural food for infants. We super love her!

Anyway, she’s the one who told us never to introduce instant baby food – cerelac, powdered baby cereals, etc. Those are junk food according to her. Yes! Even the ones who claims that they are all-natural. Processed padin daw yun. They have preservatives. And her claims are backed up by the mums on a Facebook group I recently joined who aims to introduce a new method in baby feeding. That I’ll discuss on a separate post.

And since we want an all natural food for the baby – something I personally prepare by the way, I know I needed something to help me out. So I am very glad that I came across THE BABY BULLET SYSTEM.


Here’s mine after my first use last August 21. I prepared Banana Puree for the baby which she loved so much.

Actually, it’s just a blender. However, I decided to buy one that I could exclusively use for baby food and is BPA free. I got mine on SALE at Lazada for Php 1299.00. And it includes the following:

bulletImage from Google.

Oh diba?! They have everything covered. From preparing to storing. Baby Bullet even has a cookbook! Perfect for the not-so-domesticated me. Hihihihi!

One storage cup is enough for one feeding. Most of the time, we feed her directly from it. It has date dial so you’d remember when you prepared the food.

Some of you may ask me why do I need to buy a separate baby blender? Pwede naman yung nasa bahay nalang. And being a “wais” mum, that’s actually my first option. However, we use our blender at home for preparing our meals. Most of the time we put sugar, sometimes wine for salad dressing. And most of all, it’s not BPA free. Ewan ko nga din bakit usong uso ang BPA free chenes for baby stuff. Hahahaha! All I know is bad ang BPA, period. And since, I am not sure kung BPA free and blender namin, I’d rather get one for the baby. Plus, look at how crazy cheap it is! I was supposed to buy Avent Storage Cups to store Skye’s food. Kasi syempre, I have to prepare it ahead of time coz I do work. But with this, no need to buy storage cups. It’s included on the box.

Also, I have a 9 year old brother suffering from Cerebral Palsy. He’s been drinking this crazy expensive formula milk suggested by his pedia since forever. But eversince I learned of the dangers of formula, we decided to ditch it and try to just feed him properly. He’s now more on nutritious food. And we also use the baby bullet in preparing his food! Sobrang sulit talaga for us. And honestly, we are starting to notice a big difference on the brother’s health. Sana tuloy tuloy na. I’m just thankful that I become a mum on this age where information is at our fingertips. Because of the research I am doing for my child, hindi lang sya ang nagbe-benefit pati na din ang kapatid ko.

The Baby Bullet is easy to use. With the help of the cook book provided, I prepare Skye’s food and store it on the cups and tray. 1 and 1/2 medium sized apple is equivalent to 6 storage cups. 3 medium sized sweet potato is equivalent to 6 storage cups and 3/4 of the batch tray. And it would usually only take me around 5minutes to prepare it. Perfect for working mums like me!

Also, since I prepare everything, I am sure that the baby only eats nutritious food na pasado sa metikulosang Nanay. Char! But seriously, syempre even if my Mama looks after the baby, minsan they don’t realize that what they are giving are actually junk/processed food. So since all of Skye’s food are already on the storage cups, isa akong Panatag na Nanay. Hahahaha!

My rule is this: as long as the baby is not aware of how yummy chocolates and french fries are, she’ll only have healthy food!

So far we have already tried banana, sweet potato, apple, carrots and sayote. It is important though that you introduce one type of food at a time for 3-4 days. To easily rule out allergies and the effect of the food to your child. Mahirap kasi if halo halo agad, mahirap malaman which among the food is the culprit for the baby’s issue. Eh pag one at a time alam mo agad. Banana leaves so much stain on the cloth diaper. Sweet potato is perfect coz the pupu is not mabaho. Skye’s pupu is a little orangey on carrots. See my point? That’s another tip from my pedia.

Next time I plan to use the milling blade and prepare brown rice cereal for the baby. Hahahaha! I’ll be posting my suuuuuu per easy recipe soon. Akala mo naman maka-recipe ako eh puro puree lang naman ang alam ko. Hahahaha!


  1. I bought this baby bullet at Lazada for my niece and he loves eating foods!

  2. We used the Philips food processor but it was hubby who made all the food for our baby since I was working back then.

  3. wow, that's really useful when you have a baby to feed! wish i had that!

  4. wow, that's really useful when you have a baby to feed. wish I had that!

  5. My Mom bought my eldest one back in 2010 when we were on vacation in the US. She saw it daw kasi being advertised on TV. I find it cute and helpful but my husband said we should just use our commercial blender this time when our youngest starts solid food.

  6. I like this baby bullet huh. I'm gonna buy one when I get pregnant again which hopefully is soon!

  7. Ihave not used any baby bullet system or mga pang grind ng food, parang nagmash lang talaga ako hehe:)

  8. I never used this kind of system on my kids. I usually just mash the veggies and fruits and okay naman. :) But I did use BPA-free containers to store his food because I used to make them in batches.

  9. Baby bullet is just so cute! I'm happy for the progress of your baby :)


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